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Top Kids-friendly Places in Beijing

There are so many kids-friendly places to visit for your family tour in Beijing. Except for some must-visit attractions like The Great Wall and Forbidden City, your kids may like other places like Beijing Zoo and Beijing Happy Valley. Read on to know about the top kids-friendly places in Beijing recommended by our customers for some great ideas.


1.The Great Wall

The Great Wall in Beijing must be the most important attraction on your checklist. Among all the sections of The Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall is considered to be the best choice for family with kids. Even though Badaling Great Wall is also suitable, but Mutianyu Great is less crowded and gentler for kids to walk.

Cable car is available to take for going up and down, you can also toboggan down the mountain, kids will love it so much, exciting and interesting. Your kids will be so proud of themselves after they visit The Great Wall.

The Great Wall
The Great Wall



Hutongs in Beijing may be one of the most symbolic features of both Beijing and China, which is also one of the top kids-friendly places to visit in Beijing. Ride on the rickshaws with your children to have a cultural discovery tour will be one of the best memories for you and your kids during your family tour in Beijing.

Here you can get to the local life and know more about local customs in Beijing, you can also take part in some cultural activities with your kids, such as making kites, learning to make dumplings, or writing Chinese calligraphy.

Beijing Hutong
Beijing Hutong


3.Forbidden City

Forbidden City is a kids-friendly attraction that you shouldn’t miss during your family tour in Beijing. As the imperial palace for Ming Dynasty and also Qing Dynasty, Forbidden City is a perfect place for your kids to learn the long history and rich culture of China. Decide places inside the Forbidden City you are going to visit first, since it will be tiring for kids to go around all the places.

Forbidden City
Forbidden City


4.Summer Palace

Summer Palace, the largest and best-preserved imperial garden in China, is a great place for your family to relax and appreciate the beautiful sceneries at the same time. Go for a walk with your kids and enjoy a leisure time there, take a boat on the Kunming Lake is also an enjoyable experience during your family tour in Beijing.

Summer Palace
Summer Palace


5.Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven, as the largest structure for sacrifice to the heaven, is also a good place for your kids to learn Chinese culture. It’s also a wonderful chance to get close to the local life in Beijing, because you could watch local people do some morning exercises like Tai Chi. 

Temple of Heaven
Temple of Heaven


6.Beijing Zoo

Beijing Zoo is one of the must-go places for a family tour in Beijing. Being the largest zoo in China with the most numerous species of animals in the zoo, Beijing Zoo has more than 500 species and 5,000 animals. Kids will love the zoo so much, except for tigers, lions, bears and giraffes, there are also pandas here. Go to the zoo earlier to avoid the crowds will be better, since pandas are the most popular spot in the zoo.

Beijing Zoo
Beijing Zoo


7.Beijing Happy Valley

Beijing Happy Valley is the biggest amusement park in Beijing which is very suitable for family with kids. Consists of 7 thematic parks with more than 10 kinds of performances and 30 theme rides, Beijing Happy Valley may meet all your expectations for an amusement park, which is really suitable for kids to have fun. The fine combination of the ecological environment and stylistic theme landscapes add more attractive features to the whole park.


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8. Water Cube

Water Cube has been transformed into a fantastic waterpark after the Olympics. It’s no doubt to say that kids love waterparks so much that they will totally enjoy a great time on those slides and rides, and for little kids, the shallow pool area is great for them to play. Find it too hot in Beijing during summer days? Your kids will like the Water Cube.

Water Cube
Water Cube


9.Beihai Park

Beihai Park is located at the northwest side of the Forbidden City, which is one of the most representative imperial parks in Beijing. There are always children and elders relaxing in the park, rather doing exercises or playing their games, you can enjoy a pleasant time with your kids in Beihai Park, go for a walk, take a paddle boat on the lake or just have a rest with your family among the picturesque sceneries.


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