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Top Family Tour Destinations in China

China is an ideal country for you to start a family tour. It’s an attractive place with no matter safe and comfortable environment, or fun tour destinations of amazing sceneries and interesting cultural activities. Which city do you want to visit the most? The top family tour destinations in China recommended below may help you find out the best answer.

Top family tour destinations in China


1.Beijing——Explore the Great Wall, Forbidden City and Beijing Hutong

Beijing has too many things for you and your kids to explore. As the capital of China, Beijing is no doubt to be one of the top family tour destinations in China, which is the best place for your kids to learn about Chinese history and culture. Kids will be so proud of themselves by visiting the most famous Beijing attractions, such as the Great Wall, Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven.

If your kids are funs of sports games, you’d better not miss Beijing Olympic Park,  National Stadium Beijing and Beijing National Aquatics Center. For more fun places to go with your kids, take Beijing Zoo and Beijing Happy Valley into consideration.

The Great Wall
Go for a walk on the Great Wall

enlightenedKids-friendly activities

  • Go for a walk on the Great Wall
  • Take a boat inside the Summer Palace
  • Experience daily life of emperor in the Forbidden City
  • Learn to make dumplings and Chinese calligraphy
  • Ride on rickshaw along Beijing Hutong
  • Taste Beijing Roast Duck
  • Watch Kungfu Show


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2.Shanghai——All about Skyscrapers, Maglev Train and theme parks

Shanghai, the most prospers city in China, will be the best place for your kids to experience both modern life and ancient history in China. With the fastest Maglev Train of high technology, numerous well-designed skyscrapers and historical sites, there are too many fun things you can do in Shanghai with your family. Except for those famous attractions in Shanghai, the Shanghai Children Palace is a perfect place for your children to have fun and know more about China.

Huangpu River Cruise
Huangpu River Cruise

enlightenedKids-friendly activities

  • Have a leisure time in Yuyuan Garden
  • Enjoy beautiful night view on Huangpu River Cruise
  • Experience the local life with your kids by visiting a local family in Shanghai
  • Take a ride on the Maglev Train
  • Watch Acrobatics Show in Shanghai

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3.Chengdu——Meet Giant Pandas and Jiuzhaigou Valley

Chengdu must be on the top of the kids-friendly destinations list, especially if your kids love the cute pandas. No matter you want to create a cultural trip or a scenic trip for your kids, Chengdu may satisfy all your requirements for an unforgettable family tour. And pandas will no wonder to be one of your top reason to pay for a visit.

Except for having a closer contact with pandas, you can experience the leisure lifestyle of local people in Chengdu People’s Park, and seek for some interesting gifts and delicious local snacks for your children in Jinli or Kuan Zhai Alley. You can also connect your visit with Jiuzhaigou Valley for the best water views, or visit Leshan Giant Buddha and Mt. Emei if your schedule is available.

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding
Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding

enlightenedKids-friendly activities

  • Choose a panda base for a visit or join Panda Volunteer Program
  • Learn history and culture of Chengdu in Sanxingdui Museum
  • Try Sichuan Cuisine and Chengdu Hot Pot
  • Enjoy a Sichuan Opera Show
  • Go to Jiuzhaigou Valley for the best water sceneries

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4.Hongkong——Have fun in Disneyland and Ocean World

Hongkong, an international city combines both western and Chinese culture, is considered to be one of the top family tour destinations in China. With perfect places for kids like Disneyland and Ocean World, Hongkong is really suitable for a family tour. Furthermore, your family will definitely love Dim Sim and other local snacks in Hong Kong, you can go to the Temple Street for varieties of food and also kinds of souvenirs.

Hongkong Disneyland
Hongkong Disneyland

enlightenedKids-friendly activities

  • Ride on the Tram up Victoria Peak
  • Have fun in Disneyland and Ocean World
  • Relax on the Repulse Bay with your kids
  • Take Star Ferry to enjoy beautiful sceneries of Victoria Harbor
  • Share delicious Dim Sim together

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5.Guilin——Capture the marvelous natural beauty in Longji Terraces and Yangshuo

Guilin has countless kid-friendly things for your family to do. The comfortable environment and extraordinary karst landscapes in Guilin are beloved by people from all the ages. With picturesque sceneries of limpid rivers and lakes, magnificent mountains and mysterious karst caves, Guilin is just such a perfect destination for a family tour.

What you could experience in Guilin is not just beautiful natural scenery, local food and culture are also charming features of Guilin. You could also take part in some cultural activities like painting and cooking class, or choose a show to experience colorful culture in Guilin. Generally speaking, you will always have something interesting to do with your family.

Yulong River
Bamboo Rafting along Yulong River

enlightenedKids-friendly activities

  • Experience the beautiful sceneries by the Two Rivers and Four Lakes Cruise
  • Visit Longji Terraces for the wonderful natural views and minority culture
  • A discovery trip of karst caves with your kids
  • Go cycling around countryside of Yangshuo
  • Bamboo Rafting along Yulong River
  • Take a Chinese Cooking Class


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6.Xi’an——A cultural trip for Terracotta Warriors and Mount Huashan

Xi’an is one of the top family tour destinations during your trip in China. For the rich culture, long history and amazing landscapes, Xi’an is suitable for no matter a cultural tour, scenic tour or history discovery tour in China. Food in Xi’an owns its glamour as well, with a characteristics flavor of Northwest style.

What you can’t miss are Terracotta Warriors, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Xi’an City Wall and Mount Huashan. There are also plenty of cultural activities you could choose for your kids, such as learning Chinese calligraphy, traditional paper-cutting and to make dumplings.

Terracotta Warriors

Terracotta Warriors

enlightenedKids-friendly activities

  • Experience the grand view on Mount Huashan
  • Go cycling on Xi’an City Wall
  • Learn Chinese history in Shaanxi History Museaum
  • Make clay Terracotta Warriors with your kids
  • Learn to make Chinese dumplings with your family
  • Enjoy Shadow Play (Leather-Silhouette Show)


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7.Guangzhou——Entertain in Chimelong Tourist Resort

Guangzhou is also a kids-friendly destination in China which offers you varieties of choices for a family tour. The most amazing part is all kinds of Chimelong parks, your kids will totally love it and have an unforgettable experience in any of them. For night activities, a night cruise along Pearl River will be a great idea, or you can enjoy the beautiful night view of Guangzhou city on Canton Tower. Moreover, food in Guangzhou would suite children’s taste too. It will really be a worthwhile trip in Guangzhou for your family.

Pearl River Cruise

Pearl River Cruise

enlightenedKids-friendly activities

  • Take a night cruise along Pearl River
  • Enjoy night view of Guangzhou on Canton Tower
  • Try different kinds of rides in Chimelong Paradise
  • Take an adventure in Chimelong Safari Park
  • Watch circus show Chimelong International Circus
  • Have fun in Chimelong Water park
  • Eat Canton Morning Tea together


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8.Harbin——Enter a world of ice and snow

Harbin must be the best choice for your family trip to China in winter, especially from December to the next February. Entering a dream world of ice and snow in Harbin with your kids will be one of your best memories during your family tour in China. If you love snow very much, Harbin may meet all your requirements, nice snow sceneries, kinds of snow activities and the famous Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival will give your family a wonderful experience.

Harbin Ice & Snow World

Harbin Ice & Snow World

enlightenedKids-friendly activities

  • Go skiing with your kids
  • Experience Harbin Ice & Snow Festival
  • Appreciate creative ice sculptures in the Ice & Snow World
  • Enjoy a great time in China Snow Town
  • See rare Siberia tigers in Siberia Tiger Park


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Explore the best of China with your family

China offers so much choices for families to explore and have fun. You could decide what kind of tour you want to have, a cultural trip, scenic trip or historical trip. Check tours below if you have no idea how to plan.



Read more Family tours and please feel free to contact us if you have any doubts while making your China family travel plan. You can also tailor-made your unique family tour at Free Online Tailor-made Tour to create the most unforgettable memory in China.

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