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Why Travel to China from Europe

Recently, China extends its visa exemption to 6 additional European countries, which refers to that some European travelers will be easier to visit China. The 15-day visa-free policy gives great convenience to some European countries. Why travel to China from Europe? This article will give you the answer. Traveling to China, you can see diverse landscapes because China has vast territory and various landscapes. Traveling to China, you will feel the different culture of Chinese civilization. Traveling to China, you will experience the technology in China like the mobile payments and transportation. You will also meet the friendly Chinese people and taste various delicious food in China.


Diverse Landscapes

China has rich and diverse landscapes including beautiful or splendid beaches, grasslands, plateau, lakes, rivers, snow mountains, deserts and mountains. You can see picturesque karst landform in Guilin and Guizhou, amazing Danxia landform in Zhangye and Hunan and astonishing Yardang landform in Xinjiang. You can climb the famous mountains in China to overlook the cities and surrounding landscapes like Tai Mountain, Yellow Mountain and Lu Mountain, etc. You can also take the cruise on Yangtze River or Li River in Guilin.

Exploring the natural wonders, you can enjoy the amazing scenery of the mountains, clouds and mists at Zhangjiajie. If you prefer pleasant climate, Erhai Lake is recommended to you with comfortable weather, beautiful scenery of lake and mountains.

Erhai Lake in Dali
Erhai Lake in Dali


Long History

When it comes to the history of China, you can feel the long history of China through feeling the attractions or cities in China. Walking around Shanghai, you can know about the history of China in several hundred years by the buildings and technology. Hiking on the Great Wall and visiting the Forbidden City, you will know about the history of China in a thousand years through admiring the relics or knowing about the buildings. Seeing the Terracotta Army, you will feel the several thousand years’ history of China.

Walking around the water towns in China or taking a boat on the river of the water towns in China, you will feel the ages of the traditional residences. Visiting the classical gardens in Suzhou and other places in China, you will feel the architectural beauty of the gardens as well as know about the history of China. A best place to feel the history of a place is the museum. Please keep in mind that you should not miss the museum in a city in China during your travel.

Longmen Grottos in Henan
Longmen Grottos


Profound Culture

Traveling to China, you will experience the profound history of China in many aspects. Traveling in China, you will see Chinese characters in many places including signs, descriptions, menus, etc. Even though you so not know the meaning, you will feel that it is Chinese characteristic things. The calligraphy are also amazing in China. Listening to the Chinese opera, you will find the beauty of the rhythms and music. Listening to the instruments of China, you will also be astonishing.

You can know about the religions of China like Buddhism and Daoism through visiting the temples. To visit the Chinese paintings, you will know about the Chinese art. You can also feel the Chinese culture through seeing the traditional handicrafts in China.

Chinese calligraphy
Chinese calligraphy


Various Tasty Foods

Food is one of the most important thing while traveling. You can taste many many foods in China. There are Eight Major Cuisines in China including Shandong Cuisine, Sichuan Cuisine, Hunan Cuisine, Zhejiang Cuisine, Cantonese Cuisine, Shandong Cuisine, Jiangsu Cuisine and Fujian Cuisine. You can feel the characteristic flavour of the different cuisines in China. Besides, each city has its characteristic, famous and traditional foods. To feel a city, you can taste the famous delicious foods, drinks or snacks.

In northern China, you can taste famous wheaten foods, beef and mutton. You can taste the famous Roast Duck in Beijing, barbecue in Qiqihar and Harbin, Roujiamo in Xi’an and characteristic noodles in Xi’an. In southern China, you can taste rice and diverse cuisines. In southwest cities like Chengdu and Chongqing, you can taste characteristic spicy foods like hot pot. There are many tasty foods in China waiting for you.

Beijing Roast Duck
Beijing Roast Duck


Friendly People

Traveling to China, you will find how warm-hearted and friendly Chinese are. Chinese are friendly to each guests in China, domestic or foreign. If you walk on the streets in China, you will find that Chinese are friendly. They usually will smile to you if they find you are foreigners. If you happen to meet some outgoing and talkative Chinese, they will communicate with you to welcome you to their cities. If you need, they will recommend something they like in their cities to you.

Chinese are very warm-hearted because they are happy if they are helpful to others. If you meet any questions in China and want help, just talk to the Chinese you meet, they must be willing to help you if they had time.

Crowds in the streets


Convenient Life

Coming to China, you will find that the life of Chinese are so convenient. They can go out without any cash because they can do almost all of the things through their phones. They pay by cell phones and use transportation by their phones. Except for the e-commerce, mobile payments are rapidly developing in China. Mobile payment is really convenient, you just need to scan the QR code of the sellers to pay to them, and you do not need to take time to find your cash and wait the cash.

The transportation in China is also very convenient in China. China is a vast country, but traveling in China is simple and convenient because of high-speed trains, steady, clean and comfortable. High-speed trains greatly shorten the time of transportation in China.

monile payment


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