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Why Pick China for Educational Trip

Educational trip is popular among students and parents, and in recent years many of you look abroad for educational tour, because its great benefits to students. You may wonder: why do people pick China as the ideal place for educational trip. Here we are going to analyze education trip and educational trip to China for you.

What is Educational Trip

Educationa to China Shanghai

Educational trip or educational tour is a tour with educational elements, planned for students to go outside the classroom, enter into new environments, observe many things, talk to local people, experience new culture, broaden perspectives and ways of thinking, and enjoy learning. Educational trip is a hot fashion in education, strongly supported by schools, parents and government, and popular to students from primary school to university. Why is it so popular and what is the importance of educational tour?

Educational trip has all the benefits to remedy the shortcomings of school study in classroom, and it greatly improves students' skills and increases knowledge about the world outside classroom. The importance of education trip lies in several aspects listed as below:

Go to new environments. Having educational trips, students could go outside classroom and enter into new environments, see so many things far away from their life and get close to them, which may be on their books or not, like the magnificent man-made wonders, gorgeous natural scenery, wonderful animals and plants, relics and heritages of other nations, and distinct communities in different societies.

Talk with local people. While walking in a foreign land, you would like to know about local people, their local customs and local culture, way of life, and ideas about things happening on them, which can be easily done by talking with them. Still, you could always learn something from local people. For example, you could learn how to make dumpling, how to make Chinese knot, how to cook Chinese food from local people while having an educational trip to China.

Broaden students' perspectives. During an educational trip, students get close to new environment, visit interesting places, observe many things, and get touch with local people. In these ways, they see fresh things from the past, and know real stuffs about the visiting places and locals, which may be much different from what they have seen and what they have been told, then they have their own experience and thoughts based on this educational trip.

Build closer bonds with classmates. Doing team activities is the fast way to build good relationship, and education trip is definitely the perfect choice. Students go out together to experience new stuffs from new environments, and they share things with each other, get touch with each other, and help each other. In this process, their relationship will rocket up, because each of them will be much closer in hearts, and they will form a solid team.

Have fun and enjoy study. Educational trip gives students interesting days away from classroom and from boring study, and they will have fun, enjoy themselves in new environment and pick up great things. Education trip also has great impacts on later study in classroom, because they could broaden their perspectives, ways of thinking, new sights, and enrich their knowledge about the world.

Educational trip to China-Oriental Pearl Tower

Why Pick China for Educational Trip

China has become a popular destination for educational trip, due to its brilliant culture, long history and modern development. Educational trip to China will benefit you a lifetime, by visiting splendid sites, seeing various treasures, and getting close to Chinese culture.

Educational trip to China-the Great Wall

1. Visit beautiful places. China is a beautiful country to visit. In an education trip to China, you could go to places like Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guilin, Zhangjiajie, Huangshan, Hangzhou, Suzhou, and see captivating views of the Great Wall, Mt Huashan, Liver River, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Mt Huangshanand, etc. China has beautiful karst landcape in Guilin Zhangjiajie, danxia landcape in Zhangye, and yardang landform in Qinghai and Xinjiang, and there are so many surprises  for you.

2. Enjoy a cultural tour in China. China is abundant with grandly-made historical and cultural sites, such as the Forbidden City in Beijing, Terracotta Warriors in Xian, Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang, Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng, Humble Administrator's Garden in Suzhou, are tremendously popular to travelers of all ages, and they are best places to visit especially to students having educational trips. You should never miss the Forbidden City and Terracotta Warriors.

3. See exquisitely-made traditional Chinese items. Chinese people in ancient time have made precious stuffs, like unearthed cultural relics, and most of them are collected in Museum. You could see paintings, calligraphy works, bronze wares, jade wares, ancient silk clothes, and other articles in museums. Here are 2 great places recommended to see those items, the Forbidden City in Beijing, and Shannxi History Museum in Xian.

4. Gain new sights and pick up skills. During an educational trip in China, you could observe so many things and have real experience, like Chinese architecture, local people' lifestyle, Chinese diet, from a city sightseeing, a show, or just a random walk along streets. And you could also go on streets and talk with local people to learn more Chinese things from them, such as learn how to speak Chinese well, how to play kongfu and Taiji, and how to make dumpling. Moreover, there are experiential courses for foreign students, like Chinese calligraphy, and Chinese painting.

educational trip to China-learning Chinese

Education trip to China would be extremely interesting and meaningful, and students can gain so many from the trip. China welcomes travelers from the world to come to China, and Chinese are nice to get along. So, welcome.

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