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How to Plan an Educational Trip to China

For students or families who are planning an educational trip to China, here we offer you a strategic article about how to plan an education trip to China. There are 5 important issues that you pay extra attention to: your group and organizers, visa to China, tour dates & itinerary for visiting, accommodation & food, and transportation(flights).

Another big question before you make all this preparation needs to be answered: do you have an educational trip to China by yourself, or do you want it to be arranged by a travel agency or other third parties? If you travel on your own, you need to arrange everything, which could be troublesome cause it needs much time and work. If you choose to work with a travel agency or a third party, you only need to make good communication about your requests.

educational trip to China- Great Wall of China

Tour Group & Organization

Educational trip to China- Yangshuo tour

Is this educational trip to China among classmates? If this is a study tour among classmates, you may need a teacher or parents to accompany you, and give you some advice about organizing this educational trip to China. An issue in here is your age. If you are college students, it is totally fine for an self-organizing tour, but you really need a teacher to go with you if you are students of high school and below.

How many people will join this educational trip to China? You could invite your classmates, teachers, and parents to join this educational tour, which has so many benefits. The ideal number for having an educational tour is from 10-20, if you are in a large group over 20, you may need to divide your team into groups.

Who will be the organizer of this trip? An educational trip to China is a group activity, and there should be a person in charge of organizing all those details about the trip from collecting information, contacting travel agencies to planning the trip. During the trip, you also need the organizer or supervisor to organize your team and watch your safety.

Visa to China

Any visitors to China shall has a Chinese visa, and tourists should apply for Chinese tourist visa before heading to China. In making an education trip to China, you could go to apply for Chinese tourists visa together, or apply for a group visa.

For applying for Chinese visa, you could make appointment on the official website of Chinese Embassy in  your country, or appointed website by Chinese Embassy-Chinese Visa Application Service Center, then submit required materials to appointed department, make payment and last collect your visa.

Visa collection time. The collection time is variable according to your application. Usually, it may need 1 week-2 weeks to get the visa, but if you ask for urgent or extra urgent service, you may get your visa in 2-3  work days.

Visa fee. The visa fee of applying for Chinese visa is different in different countries, and it is affected by the service you require. If you ask for extra urgent service, the visa fee would be definitely higher.

Tour Time & Itinerary for China Travel

Tour Time for China Travel

Vacation from School. Students who want to have an educational trip to China, could make the most use of summer break, winter recess and spring break. Summer break is the longest vacation for students in America, and it is considered as the best time to plan an educational trip to China, and spring break ranks the next.

Best time to visit China. Best time to visit China is from April to November, especially September and October, but it won't influence a lot if you want to visit historical and cultural sites. To students from America, the most likely months to visit China are March, April, June, July, August, and December, according school vacation.

How many days to stay in China. An educational trip to China usually lasts at least 10 days, and it could be over 20 days, according to the places to visit, lessons you want to attend, and things you want to experience. For a 10 days educational trip to China, you could stay at 3-4 places.

Itinerary for China Travel

educational trip to China- Guilin tours

1. Where to visit.
China has many great places popular to tourists, and top 10 places to visit in China are Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guilin, Chengdu, Zhangjiajie, Huangshan, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Hongkong, Lijiang.

  • Top places with famous historical and culture sites: Beijing, Xian, Luoyang, Datong, Dunhuang, Pingyao, Suzhou.
  • Top places with fabulous natural scenery: Beijing, Guilin, Zhangjiajie, Huangshan, Jiuzhaigou, Hangzhou, Lijiang, Shangrila.
  • Top places with beautiful city sightseeing: Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Hong Kong.
  • Famous historical and culture sites: Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Terracotta Warriors, Mogao Grottoes, Wuzhen Water Town, Humble Administrators’ Garden, Shaolin Temple, Potala Palace.
  • Most beautiful sceneries: the Great Wall, Mount Huangshan, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Li River, Jiuzhai Valley, Tiger Leaping Gorge, West Lake, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

2. How many places to visit

Generally speaking, a 10 days trip to China could cover 3-4 places, and for a 15 days China tour, you could visit 5-6 places, because 2-3 days are enough for visiting a place, and 4-5 days for a in-depth tour. The number of places is affected by your itinerary.

What to Experience & Learn

Educational trip to China-learning Chinese calligraphy in China

Attend lessons to learn Chinese traditional culture. In an education trip to China, you could attend lessons and expose yourself to the unfamiliar Chinese culture. We could arrange learning lessons like Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, Chinese music instruments, skill lessons to learn how to make Chinese knot, and how to cook Chinese food.

Immerse yourself into Chinese culture. You could go to crowded places to learn how to speak Chinese, and go places like parks, museums, grand theatres, famous streets, etc., to expose yourself to Chinese culture. Here are some awesome places to visit, like Shaanxi History Museum(Xian), Shanghai Museum(Shanghai), Shanghai People’s Square, Qianmen Dajie(Beijing), and great shows to watch such as Kongfu Show, West Lake Impression, Acrobatics Show.

Accommodation & Food

educational trip to China-Chengdu hot pot

For accommodation, you could choose various hotels, from 5 star hotel(luxurious) to 3 star hotel(economy), international youth hotels, to theme hotels. If you are travelling on your own in a small group, you could book youth hotels to save money. If you organize a large group to have an educational trip to China, you could book 3 star hotel and 4 star hotel, and book rooms which sleeps 2-4 peoples, like family room.

About food, having a trip to China, you are advised to taste Chinese food. Chinese people put great importance to food, and have created a large number of delicious food, and every place has famous food streets for local people to enjoy cuisine. Those delicious food have regional features, like Pecking Duck in Beijing, Mutton Paomo in Xian, Sichuan Hot Pot, Guilin Rice Noodles, West Lake Fish in Hangzhou.

One thing about food you may need pay extra attention: are you allergic to any food? and is Chinese food okay to you? If there is any food you are allergic to, you need to learn more about the menu and each dish when ordering food. If you are vegan, you may need to find vegetarian restaurants which may be less in number than other kinds of restaurants in China. If you are working with a third party for an educational trip to China,  you'd better tell them your food requests.

Transportation for China Travel     

Educational trip to China-high speed train from Beijing to Jianjin

For having an education to China, you need to make a plan for transportation. If you are working with a travel agency, you only need to book international tickets to China and back home. If you plan to travel alone by yourselves, you need to plan routes and best transportation, including international flight, and transportation from one city to another city, transportation from airport to hotel, and transportation to attractions.  For public transportation, you should know detailed information, such as timetable and fee.

In planning these 5 things, you may need to watch your budget, cause everything will cost you money, and you could choose the cheap or the expansive according to your budget.