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Communications in China

In China, there is a diversified communication system that connects all parts of daily life. Internet, phone system and postal service are usually the major concerns when foreign people traveling in China.  

Make Phone Calls in China

Tourists can dial domestic or international long-distance calls in their own hotel rooms and expenses areincluded
 in the hotel bill. When tourists visit the city, shops and entertainment arenas, they can dial the domestic or international long-distance calls in the nearby post office and public telephone booth. The expensewill be settled after they finish the call. If a tourist dials the domestic long-distance call, he should firstly dial the regional zip code and then the subscriber's number. The regional zip codes of major cities in China are as following:
Shanghai- 021
Chongqing- 023
Hong Kong- 00852
Macau- 00853
If you are going to dial an international long-distance call, you should firstly dial the international zip code “00”. Secondly, it will be the state zip code. Then the regional number is “0”.You should omit the digit”0” and finally dial the telephone number of the subscriber. You can dial the international, domestic and urban calls at the booth with the magnetic IC cards.

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Make Phone Calls in China

China Postal Service

It is an important part of modern China communications. China Post, world’s biggest post network, along with TNT, DHL, Federal Express, UPS and some others, offer both domestic and international mail and parcel services in China. The postal services provided by China Post are the cheapest, yet the slowest. 
To choose the international express delivery service of China Post, you may need to know: 
► There are business offices of China Post throughout China, including cities and country towns. 
China Post Mail - three transport means: if your item is delivered by China Post Mail, it can be

 transported by air, by surface air lifted (SAL) or by surface. The first method of transportation is the fastest (7-15 working days), the safest, yet the most expensive. The second method takes 15-20 working days to reach the destination country, while the third takes around 40-70 working days. 
EMS (Express Mail Service): A global mail service, EMS is operated by China Post in China. EMS is faster than China Post Mail, and normally takes within 7 working days to transport the parcel to the destination country from China. And of course the postage is higher. 
China Post online tracking system: The register mail, EMS and ePacket can be checked on: http://track-chinapost.com/
Postage rate: The postage is charged according to the size and weight of the item, the distance of the destination countries, the means of transportation and particular services provided.