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The history of Hui Nationality in Jiangsu Province can be traced back to Tang and Song dynasties. During that time, there was a very considerable amount of Arab, Persian businessmen who went into business, settled down and reproduce in southeast coast cities like Yangzhou through the maritime Silk Road.

During the Yuan Dynasty, a large number of Hui people moved in Jiangsu; and in Ming Dynasty, the population of Hui people had nearly reached 100000 in Nanjing. In Modern Nanjing, Hui people's business and culture were prosperous and flourishing. According to the sixth census statistics in 2010, Jiangsu's Hui population was about 130757, which was distributed in the various cities and counties, mainly concentrated in Nanjing City and Yangzhou City.

There are 43 mosques in Jiangsu Province. The Jingjue Mosque in Nanjing is one of the top mosques during the Ming Dynasty; the office of Nanjing Islamic Association is just located here. The Xianhe Mosque is one of the four famous Islamic mosques in China southeast coast area which is located in Nanmen Street in Yangzhou City.

Nanjing Xigongyuan Street is the Hui ethnic community in Qinhuai District. The market areas close to the Nanjing Confucius Temple are the city's largest Muslim food outlets. There are many Muslim restaurants like Kuiguangge Tea House, Qifanglou Restaurant and so on.

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China Muslim Tours
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