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The Most Beautiful Grassland in China

Vast Grassland is a good place for people to relax when people face natural environment and it is the typical example that people can be in harmony with nature. Especially in the spring time, grass grows green. The most beautiful grasslands in China are listed as following for you to know more about grassland and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

1. Hulun Buir Grassland

Starting from the west of Great Khingan in its east side, close to Mongolia and the Russian border in its west, the north of Hunlun Buir Grassland is starting from the south of Genhe city, the south is extending to the border between China and Mongolia, the distance from east to west is 300 kilometers, from north to south is 200 kilometers, with a total area of about 10 square kilometers, natural pasture area accounted for 80%. Hulun Buir Grassland is one of the world's most famous three prairie, this vast area, boasts beautiful scenery, more than 3000 crisscrossed rivers, more than 500 lakes dotted around, constitute a beautiful picture scroll.The Hulun Buir Grassland is the best-preserved grassland of China at the present time with abundant and prosperous grass. There are more than 120 kinds of nutritious forage grass, therefore it is called “grass kingdom”. The Hulun Buir Grassland is a no pollution green and pure land, the vast of Hulun Buir lnad, the lush, the dense are incomparable by many grassland. When you came to the beautiful, rich and magical Hulun Buir Grassland you can truly feel what is “blue sky and green land”, what is a “green and pure land”.

The climate here is pleasant, is a good summer resorts; the scenery in autumn is very beautiful, especially in wetlands, birches and Great Hingan Mountains, colorful, like a continuous giant oil painting; northland scenery, is a land of winter Snow Mountains, where is a good place for the ice movement like skiing and hunting.
Most Beautiful Grassland in China - Hulun Buir Grassland

2. Ili Grassland

Ili Grasslands in Xinjiang is one of the most beautiful four places; it is also one of the most beautiful six grasslands in China. Like other grasslands in Xinjiang, Ili Grasslands is not only in the opposite of desert, and it is also in the opposite of Snow Mountain. There is a feeling of beauty of rich and complex, multifaceted beauty. Ili is embraced on the east, north, south sides surrounded by mountains and with a landscape of trumpet shape opened to the west. It is the most rainfall areas of Xinjiang province, an average annual rainfall is more than twice than the average rainfalls in Xinjiang province, what making it the actually “wet island” among the drought desert of central Asia and it contribute to full perpendicular band spectrum development of Ili grassland.
Ili Grasslands consist of Nalati grassland, Tangbula grassland and Gongnaisi grassland. Whether famous Nalati grassland, rising star Tangbula grassland, or the traditional Gongnaisi grassland, and Zhaosu grassland, Ili Grasslands all show a transcendental beautiful temperament and appearance. Ili river valley is so extraordinary with infinite vitality. Nalati grassland is located in east Xinyuan county of Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region. .Nalati means “the place to see the sun first”. Tangbula grassland is the joint name of grassland landscape in Nilka county of Kashgar river canyon, gets its name from the Grand Canyon Tangbula that consists of forest and grassland, the rapids, rock combination of natural landscape area. Because of there are rock gigantic mountain ridge in its valley on the east side like imperial seal stamp, so named Tangbula (meaning for seal in Kazakhstan). And the temperature is cool and pleasant makes to Tangbula become the famous summer resort. At the eastern of the Ili River Valley is one of the world’s four major valley grasslands--Gongnaisi grassland.
The Most Beautiful Grassland in China - Ili Grassland

3. Xilingol Grassland

Xilingol Grassland, which means “rivers on the highlands”, is located in Xilinhot City, center of Inner Mongolia. Covering more than 10,786 square kilometers, the grassland is considered one of the most representative grasslands in a temperate climate zone in China. It consists of marshlands, grasslands, sand dunes, and wetlands, with over 1,200 plants growing on the grasslands. It is one of the world famous prairies, and it is one of the four major grasslands in China-the main natural grassland of Inner Mongolia grassland. On October 23, 2005, the most beautiful place in China list published in Beijing and the Xilingol Grassland was selected of China's most beautiful six prairies.
Xilingol Grassland is the most representative in our country bunch grass rhizome grass warm grassland, and it is intact native grasslands of Eurasia Grassland in Asia east subregion. The ecological environment type in protected area is unique, with the basic characteristics of grassland communities, and can fully reflect the typical grassland characteristics of Inner Mongolia plateau ecosystem structure and ecological process.
Xilingol Grassland

4. Highland Grassland in Western Sichuan

Rating by Chinese National Geography magazine as one of China's most beautiful six grasslands, Highland Grassland in Western Sichuan includes the west side of Ya’an and Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, where is a national migration corridor, it is important exchanges place in trade route of Han, Tibet and Yi nationality since the ancient times, and it is also the core area of going into Shangri-la. In 2002 published book Shangri-la Journey gave Kangding a name as the door of Shangri-la, because going into the Kangding, Shangri-la is no longer far away.
The mountains is grand, rivers flow in the Highland Grassland in Western Sichuan, the source of the Yangtze River and its main tributaries breed ancient and mysterious civilization here. Dadu River, Yalong River and Jinsha River with Snow Mountain grass flows from north to south. From the mountains to the course of the Qinghai-Tibet plateau from north to south, geographically we usually refer to the strip as Hengduan Mountainous Region. Geography and climate reasons contributed to this land of unique landscape and complex plateau climate, a mountain has four seasons, different weather in nearby in a day is true portraiture of climate.
Most Beautiful Grassland in China - West Sichuan Grassland

5. Nagqu Grassland

Nagqu Grassland is located in Nagqu town, is one of the tourist area of Tibet opening to the outside world, every August (it is June in Tibetan calendar) is the prime time of North Tibet and at that time the horse racing festival is held in the northern Tibet grassland. At that time, the nomads, the tourists, in different places gather around here. Tourists can appreciate the natural scenery of the northern Tibet grassland, festive mood and ethnic customs, and also visited northern famous Xiaodeng monastery of North Tibet.
In Nagqu area, the vast Qiangtang grassland, and the mysterious northern no-man’s-land will leave deep impression to the tourists, especially the endless void, wild yak, Tibetan antelope, wild ass, such many national level protective animals, which add more attractive feelings to this miraculous land. Nagqu means Black River in Tibetan; the whole region is in the Tangula Mountain, Nyaingentanglha Range and Transhimalaya. The total areas are more than 40 square kilometers of land where is the land people often called Qiangtang. The terrain represents the west high and low in tilt, and the east is low in the flat, with an average elevation of over 4500 meters. Nourished by Black River, Nagqu Grassland is a paradise for the wild animals and plants. Yaks and sheep can be seen everywhere on the vast grassland. The grass growing on the grassland is a kind of short grass that has the highest content of protein among all grasses. Nomad camps can be seen everywhere on the grassland. Besides the traditional yak camps, there are nylon camps of different shapes and sizes striped with different colors such as red, blue, yellow, green and white. On the top of many camps, multi-colored flags are waving to and fro in the breeze.
Most Beautiful Grassland in China - Nagqu Frigid Grassland

6. Qilian Mountain Grassland

Qilian Mountain Nature Reserve is in Wuwei, Zhangye and a part of Jinchang, from east to west is more than 1200 kilometers long, north to south is 120 kilometers wide, with a total area of 2653000 hectares. The main object of protection is Qilian mountain water source conservation forests, grassland vegetation, and Qilian Mountain Grassland.  Forest land area of 111000 hectares, the forest coverage rate is low, but in the arid area, it is extremely important and valuable. It is because of the existence of the Qilian Mountain forest; makes glaciers melt and rain can be stored, slowly recharge the rivers, play a role in regulating runoff, cuts in flash floods, and ensure that the effect of annual runoff is relatively stable. The primeval forest of Qilian Mountain scenic area is very charming. After the summer begins, among hills is a vast green sea. The primeval forest area of Qilian Mountain is 157000 hectares, more than 200 cubic meters of forest resources. It is one of the largest forests areas in Qinghai province. Here are spruce, Sabina chinensis, and poplar and whip hemp, black thorn, and other trees such as mountain willow shrubs. In addition, the dense forest of Qilian Mountain, there is many roaming herds running, or wandering, shows a strong, elegant ecosystem.
The Average altitude of Qilian Mountain ranges in the 4000 meters to 5000 meters above sea level, mountain snow formed a long and wide glacier landscape which is magnificent spectacle. More than 4000 meters altitude, where known as the snow line, the Qilian Mountains above the snow line often appears opposite biological phenomena. In the shallow layer of Snow Mountain, there are famous snow mountain meadow plant mushroom, precious medicinal materials Saussurea involucrata, and a snow mountain grass grows under the wind erosion of rock. Therefore, saussurea involucrata, silkworm, snow mountain grass are collectively known as the “three durable plants in winter” in Qilian Mountain snow line. Qilian Mountain grassland and its representative Damaying grassland is in the basin between Yanzhi Mountain and Qilian Mountain. Every year in July and August, the Qilian Mountain is still covered by snow, but grassland near Qilian Mountain is full of horses, cattle, sheep adorned among the grassland.
Qilian Mountain Grassland
The above are the most beautiful grassland in China. Many domestic travelers would like to visit to grasslands to take beautiful pictures, do horse-back riding, to experience unique life of Mongolian.