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China Top Hiking Routes

China Top Hiking Routes will show you the 4 of the most popular hiking trails for backpackers and nature lovers. You can walk along the Li River to appreciate the serenity water flows aside, or enjoy a hiking through the majestic Great Wall, or even take a long journey to trek through the grand Tiger Leaping Gorge…Are you ready?

Top 1 Great Wall Hiking, Beijing

The Great Wall of China, one of the greatest architectural achievements in the world, has long held the imagination and wonders of writers, scientists, photographers, and of course, travelers and adventurers. This Great Wall Hiking Tour wants to show you the true Great Wall with its mighty peaks and valley, and its beautiful and mysterious ruins. Follow the itinerary you will have enough time to hike and explore more sections of the Great Wall which are less-known to foreign visitors, such as Huangyaguan Great Wall in Tianjin and Jinshanling Great Wall. Besides easy-pace for hiking and snack and cold drinks for breaks, we will also prepare you many interesting stories of the Great Wall beyond books.

• Duration: approximate 7 days
• Recommended route:
Day 1 Beijing Qinhuangdao
Day 2 Laolongtou (Old Drago Head)Shanghaiguan PassJiaoshan Great Wall Qinhuangdao
Day 3 QinhuangdaoTaolikouLuweishan
Day 4 LuweishanLiujiakou  Zunhua City
Day 5 Zunhua CityHuangyaguan Great Wall
Day 6 Huangyaguan Great WallBeijingJinshanling Great Wall
Day 7 Jinshanling Great WallGubeikouBeijing

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China Top Hiking Routes - Jinshanling Great Wall
Jinshanling Great Wall 

Top 2 Tiger Leaping Gorge Trekking, Yunnan Province

Rough but absolutely worthwhile! As one of the most classical hiking itineraries of China, this one is an adventure that hiking along the swift Tiger Leaping Gorge between Lijiang and Shangri-la. Meanwhile you will have the hard-won chance to see Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Habra Snow Mountain from different perspective when you are in the gorge.

• Duration: 2 or 3 days
• Recommended route:
Day 1 LijiangQiaotou TownTiger Leaping GorgeHalfway Guesthouse
Day 2 Halfway GuesthouseMiddle Tiger Leaping GorgeWalnut GroveTina's Guest House
Day 3 Tina's Guest HouseLower Tiger Leaping GorgeShangri-la

• Recommended tour: 2 Days Tiger Leaping Gorge Hiking Group Tour
China Top Hiking Routes - Tiger Leaping Gorge
Tiger Leaping Gorge

Top 3 Li River Hiking, Guilin

Would not it be interesting to discover more about Li River scenic area of Guilin by your own feet? Well now you can! A Combination of sightseeing, physical exercises, bicycle riding, local specialty and folk custom now is at your choice. This tour provides you the opportunity to walk in the picture from Yangdi to Xingping, the most beautiful part of Li River.

• Duration: 1 day
• Recommended route: GuilinYangdiXingpingYangshuo

• Recommended tour: 3 Days Guilin Essence Tour

China Top Hiking Routes - Li River
Li River

Top 4 Longji Rice Terrace Hiking, Guilin

The fresh air and the unique scenery in Longji will be an ideal place for hiking fans to go. You will fall in love with this place at the first time when you see the terrace rice fields here.

With a history of more than 700 years, Longji Rice Terrace is not just an attraction nowadays but still being use for growing rice by Yao and Zhuang villagers. The rice terraces are built into the hillsides and look like great steps cut into the slopes as they wind around the mountainsides.

• Duration: 2 days
• Recommended Route:
Day 1 GuilinLongsheng Ping'an VillagePing'an Zhuang Rice Terrace
Day 2 Ping'an VillageDazhai VillageTiantou VillageJinken Rice Terrace
Longji Rice Terrace

Top 5 Ha'nasi Lake (Kanas Lake), Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

Ha'nasi Lake (Kanas Lake) is located the northern part of Burqin County in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Ha'nasi, a word origined from Mongolian, means "mysterious beauty". One can enjoy the attractive natural landscape including snow mountains, valleys, lakes, forests, meadows, flowers, and other varieties of natural beauty.

The most popular route for hiking is from Dahong fishing island in Ha'nasi Lake area to Hemu village. The route is quite long and will take you three to four days. Those who are interested in take the advanture trip should take camping gear and plenty of food and water. The living conditions along the road are harsh; and there are few places selling food and water. 

• Best time to visit: July, August and September
• Duration: approximate 4 days
• Recommended route:
Day 1 JiadengyuNational Forest Parkthe confluence of Kansa and Hemu Rivers, 20 km, 6-8 hours hiking
Day 2 the confluence of Kansa and Hemu RiversHemu Village, 15 km, 4-6 hours hiking
Day 3 Hemu VillageHeihe Lake, 20 km, 8-10 hours hiking
Day 4 Heihe LakeKanas Lake, 15 km, 4-5 hours hiking

• Recommended tour: 7 Days Picturesque Xinjiang Tour to Kanas Lake

 China Top Hiking Routes- Kanas Lake
Kanas Lake

Top 6 Siguniang Mountain, Sichuan Province

Siguniang Mountain (Four Girls Mountain) is sited between Wenchuan County and Xiaojin County in the Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. It is about 22 km away from Chengdu City. It has a total area of about 2,000 square kilometers and is composed with four continuous peaks, with the main peak Yaomei Peak reaching 6,250 meters. Siguniang Mountain Scenic Area consists of Siguniang Mountain, Shuangqiao Valler, Changping Valley and Haizi Valley. Siguniang Mountain is in the central area, Haizi Valley with a length of 30 km in the east, Changping Valley with a length of 40km in the middle and Shuangqiao Valley with a length of 42 km in the west. The mountains here are covered by snow and ice all year round and are known as the Alps of the East.

Every year, Siguniang Mountain attracts travelers coming from all over the world to hike and have adventure trip. A popular route is from Rilong County, via Changping Village and Yakou County to Bipenggou scenic spot. It usually takes you three days and would be a wonderful chance to enjoy the natural beauty of Sichuan Province.

• Best time to visit: June to October
• Duration: approximate 3 days
• Recommended route:
Day 1 Rilong CountyLama LamaseryGushutan Bank Muluozi Campsite, 17km
Day 2 Muluozi CampsiteShuidaba  Campsite in Chazi Valley
Day 3 Campsite in Chazi ValleyYakou CountyPanyang LakeMoon BayBipenggou Valley scenic spot

• Recommended tour: 9 Days Western Sichuan Photo Tour

China Top Hiking Routes- Siguniang Mountain
Siguniang Mountain

Top 7 Daocheng County, Sichuan Province

Daocheng is a county located in the southwest of Sichuan Province. Here is mainly inhabited by Tibetans. Broad valleys, lush pastures and imposing mountains make the county a fantastic place for visit and hike. Surrounding by snow mountains, stream, forests and grassland, Daocheng is considered the last unspoilt Shangri-La. A popular hike route is from Daocheng to Yading through some of the quietest and purest natural view on the planet, which takes you three days

• Best time to visit: June to October
• Duration: approximate 3 days
• Recommended route:
Day 1 DaochengRiwaYading Village
Day 2 Yading VillageLonglongbaChonggu TempleZhenzhu LakeLuorong Cattle CampMilk LakeYakou
Day 3 YakouKasi ValleyKasi Village

China Top Hiking Routes - Daocheng Yading
Daocheng Yading

Top 8 Yangtze Three Gorges, Chongqing and Hubei Province

The Three Gorges is one of the most beautiful scenic spots on the Yangtze River. Running from Chongqing to Yichang, the gorges stretch 191 kilometers in total. The names of the three gorges are respectively Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge and Xiling Gorge from upstream to downstream. The world famous Three Gorges Dam in Yichang was started to construct in 1994 and completed in 2006.

There are three main hiking routes in the area:
1. Qutang Gorge: from Wushan to Daxi, 25 kilometers, about 6.5 hours;
2. Wu Gorge: from Peishi to Wushan, 28 kilometers, 9 hours;
3. Xiling Gorge: from Sandouping to Xindui, 26.5 kilometers, 8 hours.

• Best time to visit: April to November
• Duration: approximate 3 to 4 days

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China Top Hiking Routes - Wu Gorge
Wu Gorge

Top 9 Motuo County, Tibetan Autonomous Region

Motuo, which means "hidden lotus" in Tibetan, is located in the southeast of the Tibetan Autonomous Region. Covering an area of about 34,000 square kilometers, the mysterious Motuo County is mainly inhabited by the Menba and Luoba ethnic groups. Until 2012, it was the only county in China that has no highway, which make it a natural paradise for travelers and adventurers.

Inside Motuo County you can see spectacular view of Mount Namjagbarwa and Mount Jialabailei, which are the highest two peaks in the eastern Himalayas. The top of the two peaks are covered with ice and snow all year around, which shows stark contrast compared with tropical and subtropical plants land growing on the southern slope. Yarlung Zangbo River and Yarlung Zangbo Canyon is sited right between the two mountains. Yarlung Zangbo Canyon is the longest and steepest canyon in the world.

Starting from Paixiang, and passing through Lage, Aniqiao, Badengze and Damu, you can walk around the county in about 9 days. Travelers should prepare well for the altitude, climate and tough walking conditions. Due to high altitude in Motuo and long hiking line, travelers are required with good physical body and outdoor common sense. It is not suggested to the first-time hikers.

• Best time to visit: July to October
• Duration: approximate 3 to 4 days

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China Top Hiking Routes - Yarlung Zangbo Canyon
Yarlung Zangbo Canyon

Top 10 Gangrenboqi Mountain, Tibetan Autonomous Region

With an altitude of 6,638 meters, Gangrenboqi Mountain is located in the west of Tibet Autonomous Region. Hindus, Tibetan Buddhists and followers of the ancient Tibetan Bon religion believe Gangrenboqi is the center of the world and the most sacred mountain. Every year, thousands of pilgrims from all over the world gather there to walk around the mountain and worship. Besides the pilgrims, the mountain also attracts millions of ordinary tourists.

Hiking in Gangrenboqi Mountain is actually attending the Zhuanshan activity of Tibetan Buddhism (walk around the mountain and worship). One start from Dajin, the hike through Qugu Temple, Zherepu Temple, Zunzuipu Temple, and get back tot the starting point at the end. It takes about 3 days to walk around the mountain.

Hiking in this area not only let you enjoy the breathtaking landscape, but also experience the local customs and sacred culture. Foreign visitors are required a special permit to visit Tibet area and you should certainly prepare suitable clothing for the plateau climate.

• Best time to visit: June to September
• Duration: approximate 3 to 4 days
Those are the top 10 most famous hiking routes in China. Great Wall hiking in Beijing, Tiger Leaping Gorge trekking in Yunan and Li River Hiking in Guilin is quite easy to do, as the transport to the place is quite convenient and it requests less physical strength compared with other trekking routes.