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Meiling Mountain


15 km far away from Nanchang City, Wanli District, Nanchang 330004, Jiangxi, China.

Reasons to visit

summer resort; birthplace of Taoism.

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  • 9:00a.m.-5:00p.m.

Meiling Mountain Scenic Spot lies in the west suburb area of Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, China. It is famous for its sheer peaks, grotesque rocks, cascading waterfalls and clear lakes. Covering an total area of 150 square meters, its forest coverage is up to 67%. During the summer time, the average temperature there is around 22℃, thus this spot is known as a natural oxygen supply point and superb summer resort. China is also the birthplace of classical melody. The summit of Meiling Mountain is a great location to watch the sunrise and sea of clouds.

Meiling Mountain is a holy ground for both Buddhism and Taoism. There are 136 sites of religious constructions built within its area and actually, it is the cradle-land of Jingming School of Taoism and the 12th fascinating place for Taoists. It was said that there used to be more than 130 temples in this area, but now there are only some of them left.
Meiling Mountain
Xiyao Lake, the main peak of Meiling Mountains, is 841 meters high. the main landscape and scenic spots to see here includes Xiyao Lake Summer Resort-one of the top largest thirteen summer resort in China, Tianning Buddhist Nunnery-one of the largest Nunneries in south of China, the practice place of originator (Ling Lun) of Chinese music, Hong Ya Dan wells-one of top 10 scene of Nanchang City, Jiangxi, Huanggu Tomb-the largest royal burial ground tombs, Lion Peak, spectacular Jiao Yu Tan Waterfall area, etc.

In the early Han Dynasty, the natural beauty made Meiling Mountain a sightseeing place of some note, and attracted people from nearby villages. For centuries, their reputations spread far and wide, bringing lots poets and writers. During the Tang Dynasty, it reached the height of its development. The most famous and popular sites of this spot are Hongya Well, Autumn View of West Hill, Tongyuan Waterfull, Rice Terrace and Waterwheel.

In the 18th century as the time gone by, its fame spread far and wide, bringing many poets and writers. The tourism there was developing and changing with the development of facilities and During the Tang Dynasty, the tourism development there also gained reputation as a good place for sightseeing.



Travel Guide

【 Chinese name】: 梅岭风景名胜区
【Best time to visit】: March to May and September to October is the best time to visit Meiling Mountain National Scenic Area, when the view is the most beautiful, and the weather is cool with less rain.
【How to get to Meiling Mountain using public transportation】: You may take Public Bus Route 112 to reach the main peak of Meiling Mountains. 

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