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Memorial of the August 1 Nanchang Uprising


No.380 Zhongshan Road, Xihu District, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, China.

Reasons to visit

Important memerial about Chinese revolution.

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Opening Hours

  • 9:00a.m.-4:00p.m.(closed on Monday), but you need to enter it before 4:00pm.

Locates in No. 38, Zhongshan Road in the provincial city of Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, China, the Site-Memorial of the August 1 Nanchang Uprising is a Chinese revolutionary memorial hall in memory of the Nanchang Uprising led by the Chinese Communist Party on August 1, 1927, and one of the Patriotism Educational Demonstration Bases of China.

This building used to be a mansion of Jiangxi Travel Agency. Constructed in 1922 and completed in 1924, it is a five-storied grey brick-and-wood building in the shape of a Chinese "Hui" character. It was built in the use of Chinese and western architectural style, with decorative cement relief on doors and windows in Western-style. In late July, 1927, the rebellion army rent this building as their headquarters and held an important meeting. On August 1st the same year, the August 1 Uprising broke out with a gun shot here. In 1956, this building was set and founded as the memorial site in memory of the uprising, and the name board was inscribed by Marshal Chen. The memorial started to open to the public in 1957.

Now, Site Memorial of the August 1 Nanchang Uprising is basically a place which each tourist goes to Nanchang. Every day many visitors go there to recall respecting to history. The free interpret will be provided in the museum to help tourists know better about the story of the memorial and the uprising, no matter when teams go there. But if you travel individually, the free interpret is provided once every half an hour to one hour. The entrance ticket is free by getting tickets with your passport. But it allows only 3,500 people to visit every day, so you may have to wait in a long queue or may not be able to get a ticket at weekends and holidays. 

About the August 1 Nanchang Uprising

At 2:00am on August 1, 1927, with a gunshot, shocked Bayi Nanchang August 1 Uprising broke out, which wiped out over 10,000 soldiers of the defending troops in Nanchang city, led and directed by Zhou Enlai, He Long, Ye Ting, Zhu De, Liu Bocheng, etc.. They then occupied the city. The uprising was the start of the Revolutionary War carried through by the worker-farmer armed force, which was founded by the Communist Party. Later on, August 1 became the birthday of the Chinese Workers' and Peasants' Red Army, which was renamed as the People's Liberation Army (PLA) later. In 1956, the government established Nanchang August 1 uprising memorial hall founded in headquarter site of that time.

What to See in the Memorial

The new museum is composed of two buildings: the new and the old. The old building is the original headquarters site during Nanchang Uprising; the new building is the new extension constructed in recent years and used as a display hall.

There are 10 exhibition rooms open to the public: the Meeting Hall, the Office & Living Room of Enlai Zhou, the Office & Living Room of Boqu Lin, the Office of Military Staffs, the Living Room of Millitary Guards & Health Workers, 4 Documents Exhibition Hall and 1 Memorial Room. And here houses 1,295 pieces of original objects and 1,416 pieces of replicas.

There are history charts, books, photos, cultural inscriptions and relics of old comrades that participating Nanchang Uprising showing vividly the glorious history chapters of Nanchang Uprising. 

Travel Guide

【Chinese name】: 南昌八一起义纪念馆
【How to get to Memorial of the August 1 Nanchang Uprising in Nanchang】: You may take Bus Route 5, 25, 33, 229, 232, 305 to Wazijiao Station(瓦子角站), or take Subway Line 1 to Ba Yi Guan Station(八一馆站), then walk to the scenic spot.

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