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Fuyun Multi-colored Bay


Located in Yegetuobie Town, about 24 kilometers northwest of Burqin County, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China.

Reasons to visit

National AAAA scenic spot Recommended time to visit: 2-3h

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Opening Hours

  • 9:00am - 9:30pm
Located 220 km from Fuyun County in the Gobi Desert, about 220 kilometers from Fuyun County of Xinjiang Province, Multi Colored Stone Bay is famous for its imposing views as well as natural treasure, which stores large amount of oil, gold and precious stones that amount to 20 mineral products. Located 24 kilometers north of Burqin County,Fuyun Multi-colored Bay is the only way to Habahe County and Kanas. 

Fuyun Multi-colored Bay


Multicolored Stone Bay, a typical Yardan land form, is composed of dozens of colorful hills and odd rocks. It not only has impressive views, but is also a natural treasure, which contains large reserves of oil, gold and precious stones. Multi Colored Bay is composed of dozens of colorful hills Multi Colored Bay is a great piece work by nature, its oddness, mystery and magnificence is very impressive. Odd rocks can be found everywhere here.

The colorful river bank attracts domestic and foreign tourists to come and visit with its typical and unique landform. There are large and small stone peaks, stone walls and stone pillars in the colorful Fuyun Multi-colored Bay scenic area. The peaks are like forests, dense and dense, and the shape is wonderful.

Geologic origin

Multicolored Stone Bay is formed by water erosion erosion and wind erosion. On the slope of the terrace, the gully is horizontal and vertical, and the valley and the small soil beam are developed. The width is 5-10 meters, the height of the soil beam is 5-15 meters, the maximum height is about 25 meters, and the height is staggered, and the distribution area is about 3 square kilometers.

Multicolored Stone Bay is located in arid and windy area. Due to the different degrees of weather resistance between the riverbanks, the unevenness is formed, and the rock formation is composed of red, earth red, light yellow and light green sandstone, mudstone and glutenite. The rock is different and the shape is like the colorful castle, the monster, the peak cluster and other strange shapes. It is a typical colored hill.

Fuyun Multi-colored Bay

Travel tips

Price】From 2008, the ticket price of the Multicolored Stone Bay Scenic Area is 50 yuan/person;

Close】Every year from October 15th to April 15th, Fuyun Multi-colored Bay is closed due to weather changes, but there are staff on the west entrance of the scenic area.

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