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Burqin - Monster City


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Set against the Halahlat Mountain, the Wuerhe Monster City covers an area of 30 square kilometers. Monster City is a natural Yardan geological feature shaped by wind erosion and looks like ruined castles or various kinds of animals. In summer and autumn, force 7 to 8 storms usually blow along the valley, raising the sands and whistling like ghosts and wolves, which gives the place another name called the Wind City. When the day falls, the furious wind blows wildly in the city, which sounds just like angry ghost's wailing, so the local Kazak people call it "Monster City."
With a shape like a horse shoes, there is only one path in this monster city. Bushes like camel thorns are growing thin in the sand hills spreading everywhere because of the lack of water. The erosion for thousands of years makes all the rocks in this place become special forms. Ancient castles, lively animals, mysterious pyramids, and various nature –made things act as the dwellers in this monster city.

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