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Watch Minnan Magic Cultural Show

Watch a charming cultural performance known as the Minnan Magic Cultural Show is a great chance to get a beautiful expression of ancient traditions that continue to flourish in south China. This large-scale theatrical performance is filled with action that reflects the folkloric traditions of Fujian in south China. It eulogizes Min'nan culture and its people all over the world.
Minnan Magic Cultural Show
Minnan Magic Cultural Show

There are a total of six acts. The elaborate sets change frequently to accommodate entertaining puppet shows, spirited dancers in traditional costumes, Southern Shaolin Kong Fu Show, and an amusing satire on the classic Chinese tea ceremony. In the show, the martial art of Shaolin Kung Fu is involveed, a version of which was born in the Fujian Province. During much of the performance, dramatic music plays in the background and 3D lasers illuminate the stage in bright, ever-moving colors. It is a truly mesmerizing experience that is not only memorable but also educational of, as you will gain great insight into the traditional local folk culture of the Fujian province in south of China.
Minnan Magic Cultural Show
Minnan Magic Cultural Show

With picturesque and passionate Min'nan local songs and dances, the sounds and sights of the performance demonstrates the magnificent soul of Min'nan and mesmerize every spectator. Xiamen is full of colonial charm, and still retains much of its allure and character from the past, as you will discover while watching the show at the Cultural Art Center. Xiamen is also the starting point of Maritime Silk Road. 

•Venue: 1st, Culture and Art Center, 95 Ti Yu Road, Siming District, Xiamen
•Duration: 75 minutes (8:00 pm from Tuesday to Sunday)
•How to get to the theatre: takes Bus 8, 25, 86, 88, 101, 846 941, 954 and get off at Culture and Art Center Stop (Wen Hua Zhong Xin Stop)

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