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Cycling along Huandao Road

Xiamen Huandao Road (or known as Xiamen Islet-Ring Road) is a famous sightseeing road located in the southeast of Xiamen Island. Along the road, one can enjoy unparalleled glimpses of beautiful coastline and sea of Xiamen Islet. This road winds along the coast for 31 kilometers long and has a width of 44 to 60 meters. The road starts from Xiamen University, runs on to the Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Centre and finally gets to the Xiamen Intertional Airport. The 9 kilometer coastline between Xiamen University and Qianpu, reputed as the "golden coastline", is a green coastal corridor integrating tourism, sightseeing and entertainment. You can even have a view of Kinmen Island.
Island Ring Road Tourism Area
Island Ring Road Tourism Area

Driving or cycling along the road offers you not only stunning seaside views, but also mountains, historical sites, local villages, hanging bridges, and even cyclists will be charmed by the sound of gentle waves breaking onto the sandy seashores, while they get to feast their eyes on exotic flowers and palm trees along the road. Huandao Road is the best location for cycling while touring the well cleaned beaches and seaside scenery. In addition, Xiamen Huandao Road is the main track of Xiamen International Marathon. It is regarded as the world's most beautiful marathon racing track.

What to See along Xiamen Huandao Road

The road starts from the Xiamen oldest ferry terminal, Lendu Ferry Terminal, passing by Yanwu Bridge, historic Hulishan Fort (built in 1891 during the Qing Dynasty (1636-1911)), Zengcuo'an, and parks, such as Calligraphy Square and Music Square where you will find sculpture, Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center, Wuyuan Bay and the airport, which is 31 kilometers long in total. 

•Baicheng Beach
Baicheng Beach is located across Baicheng Campus of Xiamen University. The beach is quite long with beautiful view. It is a natural leisure park. Many local people come to the beach for strolling, swimming, playing or watching the sunset. 
Baicheng Beach
Baicheng Beach

•Hulishan Fort
Hulishan Fort
is near to Xiamen University, facing the sea. It was originally built in Qing Dynasty, with an area of 70000 square meters. The auxiliary equipments include the eastern and western platforms to protect the fort, tunnels, ammunition depot, barracks, residence of officers and observation tower at the hilltop. One can visit here to get the knowledge of the history. It is open from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm every day. 
Hulishan Fort
Hulishan Fort

•Zhenzhu Bay (Pearl Bay)
Zhenzhu Bay or Pearl is located in the famous Zengzuoan, near to Hulishan Fort. It is a famous beach bathing place in the city. The visitors here is not very crowded, but it boasts quite beautiful sea view. Around Pearl Bay, there are bungalows lining up along the sandy beach. The beach is equipped with lifeguard towers, and varieties of beach activities like boat paddling, kiting and etc can be found here. This could be one of the most leisurely and luxury lifestyles found in Xiamen. The locals could walk their dogs along the beach. And it is quite common for the locals to visit this beach. 
Pearl Bay 
Pearl Bay

•Xiamen Calligraphy Square
Xiamen Calligraphy Square is a beautiful square with curves calligraphy stones. Locals enjoy doing varieties of activities here including practicing calligraphy, playing Chinese chase games, cycling, and etc. Here you can witness how the local people’s life would be like.
Xiamen Calligraphy Square
Xiamen Calligraphy Square

How to get to Huandao Road

It is easily reached by Public Bus 17, 29, 47, 805. Or you can take a taxi to get there.

Where to Rent Bicycle

Bike rental service is conveniently located along the scenic route. You can rent the bike at Xiamen University or Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center, also sites from Hulishan Port to Zhenzhu Bay.

Price: there are tandem bicycle and solo bike for you to choose from. Rental of a mountain bike costs about 15 to 20 yuan per hour, with a deposit of 300 yuan. Other kinds of bicycles, such as tandem bicycles, are charged at a higher rate.

Renting Hours: bicycle rental service is available from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm in summer, from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm in winter.
Cycling along Island Ring Road
Cycling along Huandao Road

Recommended Cycling Route: 

•Route A
Xiamen University- Hulishan Cannon Fortress - Zeng Cuo An Village - Calligraphy Square and Music Square - Huangcuo Beach - Yefengzhai Amusement Park - Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center

It takes about two hours of leisurely cycling from Baicheng Beach near Xiamen University to Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center. Earnest cyclists can also explore the longer route, to the end of the coastal road at Wuyuanwan Bridge. All along the way, there are shops and stores you can stop for refreshments. To take a break, get off your bike to feel the sand on the beach or take a swim. 

•Route B
Baicheng Beach near Xiamen University - Huandao South Road - Huandao East Road – Wuyuan Bay Bridge - Wuyuan Bay Northern Beach


Xiamen Island Ring Road Map
Xiamen Huandao Road Map

Best Time for Cycling

Start cycling in the late afternoon to catch the sunset by the ocean is the best time in a day. Spring and autumn in a year is the best time. But before or after august, there is typhoon in Xiamen. If you do not want to cycle the road, you can take Bus 29 to visit the attractions along the road, for this bus runs along Huandao Road.

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