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Take a Seat in Round-the-Lake Sightseeing Golf Cart

After the Hangzhou West Lake listed into World Cultural Heritage, more and more domestic and overseas tourists travel to enjoy the sightseeing of West Lake. The Sudi Causeway, Baidi Causeway and whole lakeside scenic area are all tightly crowded during the holiday. Nanshan Road and North Road are always packed with buses, private cars, bicycles and tourists. It is impossible to walk comfortably and fast. At this time, taking a battery cart for the Lake sightseeing is undoubtedly the best choice. It is not only environmentally friendly, but also you will not worry about traffic jams.

Hangzhou West Lake Battery Cart

The battery cart route is to drive a round of West Lake, along Baidi Causeway, Sudi Causeway, Nanshan Road, Hubin Road, Children’s Palace Square via Broken Bridge (Duanqiao Bridge), then back to Baidi Causeway, going round and round.

The battery cart route is divided into four sections with price of CNY10 per person per section. Therefore, you take the battery cart for a round, it will cost CNY40 per person.
A: Children’s Palace (Duanqiao Bridge)-Yongjin Gate from north to south
B: Yongjin Gate-Leifeng Pagoda along Nanshan Road
C: Leifeng Pagoda-Temple of Yuefei along Sudi Causeway
D: Temple of Yuefei -Children’s Palace (Duanqiao Bridge)

The total distance is 13.5 km and it will takes about 70 minutes by the battery cart.

West Lake Battery Cart

Note: It is charged based on section, but not the actual distance. Therefore, if you get on the bus from the middle of a section, you also need to pay the cost for the whole section. The cart tickets is valid for one time. It will be invalid once you get off the cart. If you need to get on the cart, you need to purchase another ticket.

The battery cart of West Lake have below stops: the Children's Palace Square, Duanqiao Bridge, The Liu Park, Lakeside Scenic Area, The Yi Park, Yongjin Park, Orioles Singing in the Willows Park, Roman Forum, Tang Yun Art Gallery, Long Bridge Park, Zhejiang Art Gallery, Jingci Temple, Leifeng Pagoda, Prince Bay, Sudi Causeway, Fish Viewing at the Flower Pond, Spring Dawn on the Sudi Causeway, Temple of Yuefei, Tomb of Wusong, Xilingqiao Bridge, Xiling Seal Society, Zhongshan Park, Pinghuqiuyue, Zhejiang Museum, Baidi Causeway, back to the Children's Palace Square via Duanqiao Bridge .

Bus No. 51 Round Lake Line

Time: 08:00-18:30 daily
Bus fare: CNY2 per person
Bus No. 51 route: Huanglong Sports Center starts, along Shuguang Road, then Yanggongdi Causeway, Hupao Road, Nanshan Road, Hefang Street, Wushan, Hubin Road, Children’s Palace, Beishan Road, Shuguang Road, back to Huanglong Sports Center.
Duration: Around 1 hour
Sightseeing enroute: Breeze-ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden, Temple of Yuefei, Fish Viewing at the Flower Pond, Sunset Glow at Leifeng Pagoda, Evening Bell at Nanping Hill, Orioles Singing in the Willows, Hefang Street, Heavenly Wind over Wu Hill, Lingering Snow on the Duanqiao Bridge, Spring Dawn at Sudi Causeway, Autumn Moon over the Calm Lake.

Travel Tips:

1. The battery cart goes around the lake clockwise.
2. Bus No. 52 goes around West Lake counterclockwise.
3. The open-top sightseeing bus had been suspended. Single or double decker bus runs currently.

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