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Appreciate Lotus Flowers at West Lake

A sentence in Chinese poem just describes a fantastic picture – the tender sunlight reflected by the West Lake makes lotus flowers extremely bright-colored.
During the sunny day, you can pick a lotus leaf to get rid of the sunburn. While during the drizzle day, you can listen to the rhythm that raindrop beat leaves gently. And you will find a clean and charming picture after this rainy day, leaves are greener and flowers are brighter with a lucid West Lake.

West Lake is a fine place to appreciate lotus flower and take picture of the lotus.
Lotus in West Lake
Lotus Flowers
There are a large chunks of lotus farming areas on West Lake in Hangzhou. Lotus on the lake now, which attracts many tourists to visit every summer. The most beautiful season for the lotus on West Lake should be from the end of June to October, when the lotus flowers are in full bloom in Hangzhou, but also the hottest season. West Lake Lotus Flower Festival is held at Quyuanfenghe in Hangzhou every July-August. There are many activities during the festival, such as enjoy the lotus flower, peel lotus seeds, cook lotus meal, listen to folk opera, put lotus lantern on the water for blessing, lotus fair, Chinese lotus variety exhibition, ect.

There is presentation for a variety of lotus at Quyuanfenghe. It becomes a beautiful paradise when the lotus blossom season comes. Tourists can see red lotus, white lotus, twin-flower lotus, ect. There are bridges in different styles over the lake during the lotus festival. Tourists can walk on the bridges to enjoy the lotus flower. It also attracts many photography enthusiasts.
Lotus in West Lake
Lotus in West Lake

Lotus Growing Regions in West Lake

•Broken Bridge (Duanqiao Bridge) Area (断桥区)
It is the most popular are for lotus appreciation in West Lake Scenic Area. The main lotus in this area is red lotus, such as West Lake red lotus, Jiande red lotus and Xuanwu Lake red lotus. The bridge, lotus and legendary story composes a perfectly charming view.
Transportation tips: Take bus No 7, 51, 52

•Autumn Moon on a Calm Lake Area (平湖秋月荷区)
Autumn Moon on a Calm Lake is one of the Ten Good Views of West Lake, which is backed the Solitary Hill(孤山), facomg outer of West Lake, with broad vision. It is a great place to view the beautiful full moon. Matched with lotus on the lake, it is icing on the cake. Moreover, the lotus growing region in this area is the largest one in West Lake.
Transportation tips: Take Tourist Bus No 10 and Bus No Y10

Lotus in West Lake
Lotus Flowers
•Lotus Growing Region Behind the Solitary HIll (后孤山荷区)
The lotus growing region behind the Solitary Hill is the favorite area to the natives of Hangzhou. The lotus blossom out perfectly and the West Lakes looks the most open in this area. The lotus here is also red lotus. The locals say that the lotus flowers hear look the most beautiful. Standing on the shore and shooting a picture of lotus flowers, you will find the picture is against the background of the water of West Lake, which looks clean thoroughly.
Transportation tips: Take Tourist Bus No 10 and Bus No Y10

•Beishan Street Lotus Growing Region (北山街荷区)
Here is the best night view. Walking down the street, with sparkling water and blooming lotus in West Lake on one side, as well as the ancient architectures on the other side, you will find it very beautiful at summer night. The main lotus in this area is Xuanwu red lotus and Jiande red lotus.
Transportation tips: Take bus No 6, 7, 16, 27, 52, 78, 118, tourist Bus No 10 and Bus No Y10

•Qinglianfang Lotus Growing Region (清莲坊荷区)
It is the most comfortable to stroll around this region. There is a boat mooring in the lotus. It is very suitable to shoot some pictures with artistic conception. Besides, there are places for meal and tea nearby. It is really family-friendly or senior-friendly. You do not need to walk too much, but sit there, enjoying the lotus quietly.
Transportation tips: Take bus No 51, 52, 194, 197, 318

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