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How to Get Online in China

Internet is an important thing that most of the foreign tourists may concern when they plan a trip to China. The 15-day visa-free policy provides great convenience for visitors from European countries. Traveling to another country, how to get online is an important issue that most of people care about. Getting online means that we can communicate with our friends and families, which is significant.

As we all know, digital payments are preferred throughout China. And almost most of Chinese using QR code to make payments in China. Many Chinese will not take cash with themselves because they can make payments with their mobile phones, which is really convenient. Traveling to China, buying a SIM Card, e-sim card or opening your roaming are usually the most common ways that foreign visitors will use. How to get online in China? This article will give you some useful methods.


Buy A SIM Card in China

To get online in China, you can buy a SIM Card of China at the airports. Buying a SIM Card of China is very easy and convenient at the airports in China. You can consult the staff and choose a suitable plan for you with reasonable price. You just need to show your passport to purchase a SIM Card in China. China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom are the sim cards that most of Chinese use.

Having a local SIM Card in China refers to that you can call others and send messages in China Mainland. If you want to contact a taxi online, you can receive the phone call from the taxi drivers in China. To experience the takeaway service of foods or drinks in China, you can easily get to the person who bring your foods or drinks to you. And local SIM cards of China provides steady Internet in China Mainland, which is convenient for you.


Purchase An China E-SIM Card Online

Before traveling to China, you can purchase an China eSIM card online. Purchasing an E-SIM card is not expensive, and it is also convenient for travelers. You can open your E-SIM service before you enter China, it is really convenient for foreign visitors.

To use the E-SIM Card service, your cell phone should first have E-SIM function. And you can not make phone calls or send messages while using E-SIM card. Compared with the SIM Card, the speed of the Internet of E-SIM card is slower than the speed of the SIM Card.

Recommended E-SIM CARD: Nomad, Airalo and SimOptions

Nomad: Nomad is cheaper than airalo. It provides the 5G founction.

Airalo: airalo is more expensive than Nomad, but it is very steady in China. Your Internet in China will be very swift and smooth while using airalo. By the way, airalo only provides 4G/LTE Internet.


Open the Global Roaming

Before traveling to China, you can open your global roaming in advance to get online in China. Opening the global roaming refers to that you do not need to buy SIM card or E-SIM card, which is more convenient. The global roaming is prepaid, and you can open it as soon as you arrive in China or before you enter China. If you want to open the global roaming to visit China, you can learn about the platforms providing roaming service of China and choose the most suitable platform, roaming plan and price for yourself.

Generally speaking, roaming provides steady and fast Internet in China. But it is expensive than buying E-SIM Card. And open roaming is really convenient in China, you can get online as soon as you arrive in China. Kindly reminder, please remember to close your setting of roaming when you get back to Europe.



All in all, which method to get online in China depends on different foreign visitors. You can choose the most suitable ways for you to get online in China. Each method of getting online in China has its advantages and disadvantages. What you need to do is compare them and choose one that you think is suitable for you. Traveling to China, you will find how beautiful and how convenient China is. China is a destination that can satisfy most of the tourists all over the world.


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