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Nanchang Facts

Nanchang location mapNanchang (“Hong” in short), the capital of Jiangxi Province, is also the cultural and economical center. With a history of over 2200-year, Nanchang is one of the world famous historical cities with numerous cultural relics. Besides, during the 1930s, it was one of the Red Base Areas of China, the very place to hoist the first army flag of New China. Nowadays, with the rapid economic development and social progress, it becomes the 3rd biggest economical city of northeastern China and, at the year 2006, it has been listed as one of the 10 Most Dynamic Cities.
Locates at longitude 115°27' - 116°35' East, 28°10' - 29°11' North latitude, Nanchang has a subtropical monsoon humid climate. Its topography is mainly divided into plateau (35.8%), mountainous regions (34.4%) plus vase inland waters (29.8%).
Adjacent Boyang Lake, locates at the lower reaches of Ganjiang River and Fuhe River, Nanchang rich in water resource, especially in the east part. Western forest-clad mountains, with large hilly area in the Southeast, embrace the city and endow the people there with varied biological and mineral resources - 413 species trees, 480 species of wild animals and about 30 mineral deposits.  The covering of forestry is 17%.
With its privileged location and rich natural products, this city is now the transportation center and national manufacturing industrial base. Meanwhile, its low-pollution and pleasant environment make it one of the energy-saving cities of China, thus got the name “the oriental Edinburgh”.
As the capital city, Nanchang gains superiority on industry, finance, banking and education. Its road, rail and air transport system is well developed providing people with many choices during the journey.  
But for tourists, Nanchang is best known for its time-honored Tenwang Pavilion, Qingyunpu Garden and Site-Memorial of the August 1 Nanchang Uprising.   
► Area Code: 0791
► Zip Code: 330000
► Area: 7,402 square kilometers
► Population:
Registered Population: 5,023,300 (2010)
in which Urban Population: 2,682,000 (2010)
► Administrative Division: Nanchang is divided into 5 municipal districts and 9 sub-districts and counties, namely,
5 Districts
Donghu District
Xihu District
Qingyunpu District
Wanli District
Qingshanhu District
9 Sub-districts & Counties
Hongfutan District
Chaoyangzhou District
Nanchang Special Economic District 
Nanchang Hit-ech Enterprises District
Nanchang Sanghai Economic District
Nanchang County
Xinjian County
Jinxian County
Anyi County