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How to Book Cheap Flights from India to China

Most Indian travelers would like to buy international flights from local travel agency, which is convenient for applying for Chinese visa. For buying cheap flights from India to China, here we give you some useful tips, lick choosing connecting connecting flights, booking red eye flights, picking cheap airlines, and  paying attention to economy class, round trip tickets, and discount.


Nonstop Flights VS Connecting Flights

Nonstop flights vs connecting flight. Here we make a table for nonstop flights vs connecting flights from India to China, and list reasons for taking them.

Nonstop flights have advantages in less flight time, convenience and comfortable level, but the price would be a bit high.
Connecting flights have big advantages in price, and they would save you much money but cost more time. Still, you may need prepare some food for short stay in the third place, and mind your luggage for transfer.

For example, Kolkata-Kunming-nonstop flight-2 h 30 min-13000 Rupees.

Kolkata-Bangkok-Kunming-connecting flight-7 h 10 min-10470 Rupees.

Choose nonstop flights, if you don't have much time, or you are not in good condition of health, or you are travelling to China for the first time by yourself only.

Pick connecting flights, if you want low price, or you enjoy long journey and can handle tiredness, flight fatigue.

Nonstop flights from India to China. 

nonstop flights from India to China

There are many nonstop flights available at Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and arrive at Guangzhou, Kunming, Shanghai, and Beijing. And Kunming is the closest city to India, making it an ideal arrival city.

  Delhi-Guangzhou Delhi-Shanghai Delhi-Kunming Delhi-Hong Kong Delhi-Beijing Mumbai-Guangzhou Mumbai-Hong Kong Kolkata-Kunming
Time 5 h 15 min 6 h 10 min 4 h 30 min 5 h 10 min 6 h 5 min 6 h 20 min 6 h 5 min 2 h 30 min

Connecting flights from India to China

For taking connecting flights from India to China, you could go like this India-a third country-China, or India-a city in China-destination city in China.

1. India → a third country→China

Connecting flights from India to China have stops or transfers in Bangkok, Singapore, Katmandu, Kuala Lumpur, etc. Usually speaking, connecting flights having transfers in Bangkok would be cheaper, compared to others.

2. India → a city in China → destination city in China

From India to China, you could land in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Kunming, Shanghai, Beijing by nonstop flights. For a connecting flight, you may first fly to Guangzhou or Kunming, and then transfer to other cities like Shanghai or Beijing, because Kunming and Guangzhou are the closest arrival cities in China from India.

Considering Guangzhou is a big city in China, with so many flights available, Indian travelers usually transfer in Guangzhou.


Flight Time

If you are in a tight budget and want to book cheap flights from India to China, another useful tip is to choose flights according to flight time, such as low season, night time, and avoiding weekends and public holidays.

Low season(November - March). Usually speaking, the travel peak in China is from April to October, and low season is from November to March. And  the price of flight ticket in peak season is higher that in low season.

Avoid weekends and public holidays. Price of flight tickets will be a bit higher than those in normal days.

Night time. flights take off at late night after 11:00 PM, or arrive before dawn like 4:00 AM. Red eye flights usually have low price, because flight time is not very good for a journey, and people would get tired.

The price of flight ticket is variable according to flight time, and there is a comparison price and flight:

Departure-Arrival Flight type Takeoff time-landing time Price
Delhi-Guangzhou nonstop flight 11:55 Indian time-22:00 China time 18380 Rupees
Delhi-Guangzhou nonstop flight 23:30 Indian time-07:15 China time 12500 Rupees

Book as early as you can. Usually speaking, the earlier you buy a flight ticket, less money it costs. When it close to takeoff dates, flight ticket will rocket up. 


Airlines & Booking Platform

In order to buy cheap flights from India to China, you could choose cheap airlines and booking platforms with big discount.

Cheap airlines. Different airlines have different marketing strategies, geared to different users, and some airlines  are low-cost carriers aiming at providing cheap flights. 

From India to China, some airlines sell cheaper flight tickets compared to others. Here we list some airlines for you:

  • Indigo
  • SpiceJet India
  • Malindo Air
  • China Eastern Airlines
  • Thai Airways

Booking platform. For buying flight ticektes, you could buy them through travel agencies, or book from platforms on internet. Usually speaking, there are some service websites targeting to cheap flights.

First, you could compare the prices given by a travel agency and those listed on platforms or websites.

Second, compare prices given by websites like booking.com and ctrip.com, and those listed on the airlines' official websites.

Pay attention to discounted flights. Sometimes, there are discounts on various websites, and flight tickets would be much cheaper if you get a big discount. 


Round Trip Tickets & Economy Class

Another tip for buying cheap flights from India to China, is buying round trip tickets, and choosing economy class

► Round trip tickets are cheaper than single trip tickets. When your return dates are scheduled, please remember to buy round tip tickets, which will be much cheaper than buying 2 single trip tickets.

► Econnomy class tickets are much cheaper than first class or business class tickets. A flight journey from India to China won't take many hours, so economy class will be good and you won't be too tired, especially when you take nonstop flights.

For example, Delhi-Guangzhou-nonstop flight, a economy class ticket is 12500 Rupees, but the first class ticket is as high as 68500 Rupees.