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Tips for Women Travelers in China

China offers a lot for women travelers to explore, from unique, charming culture, inspiring art and traditions, diverse delicious foods to intoxicating natural scenery and interesting local life. For women planning their first time trip to China, you may have no idea what to know, which places to visit and what need to pay attention to. Female tourists to China may also worry about the safety. 

By and large, China is safe for women travelers to travel around. The crime rate is relatively low. However, the safety tips should be always kept in mind. To help female tourist have a fun, easy and safe journey in China, here below we provide the practical tips.   

Recommended Destinations in China for Women Travelers, with Fun Activities


You’ll love to take photos with the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Birds Nest, and experience the real life of old Beijing in the hulongs.  
What to do for women travelers in Beijing: 
  • Go shopping in Silk Street (Xiushui Street) for clothes, silk, pearl, porcelain, handicrafts, tea, etc. other famous shopping street and malls include Wangfujing, Nanluoguxiang Hulong, Liuli Street and Panjiayuan (for in expensive antiques and souvenirs)
  • Hulongs – enjoy a relaxed rickshaw tour, join in a dumpling making class, learn Chinese… 
  • Try Peking Roast Duck, and the tasty traditional snacks. 
  • Customize yourself a Chinese style cheongsam
  • 798 Art District 


women travlling in China
It has all an international metropolis has to offer and has something unique: the historical sites, old streets, traditional dwellings…  
What to do for women travelers in Shanghai: 
  • Enjoy the panorama of Shanghai by ascending The Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai World Financial Centre or Shanghai Tower. 
  • Shopping in Huai Road, Nanjing Road, etc
  • Enjoy afternoon tea in Xintiandi or Tianzifang
  • Try various kinds of snacks at the Town God Temple, the heaven for dinning


The city is especially for women addicted to history, old stories and ancient architectures. And you will be totally impressed by the Terra Cotta Army Museum.  
What to do for women travelers in Xian: 
  • The Old City Wall is a must-visit sight, take some photos when biking or walking on it.
  • Enjoy a dumping Banquet for delicacy and amazing Tang Dynasty Dancing Show
  • Learn Chinese calligraphy if you are interested in. 
  • The Muslim Snack Street is popular for tourists to enjoy Xian specialty foods, such as noodles, rou jia mou, and pita bread soaked in lamb soup. 


We recommend Guilin and Yangshuo to all female tourists, simply because the scenery is picturesque. Here it is for you to relax and refresh. 
What to do for women travelers in Guilin and Yangshuo:
  • Take Li River Cruise trip to enjoy the stunning landscape.
  • Bike around Yangshuo to experience the authentic local life. 
  • You’re highly recommended the Impression Liu Sanjie Night Show.


One of China’s urban stars, Chengdu is well-known for the Sichuan cuisine, culture and traditions. Local people have a slow-paced life, and enjoy the relaxation. 
What to do for women travelers in Chengdu:
  • Find yourself a quaint teahouse. Drink tea, and even learn to play mahjong
  • Go visit the Chengdu panda base. No one will fail to love pandas. 
  • If you a foodie, and especially love spicy food, don’t miss the chance to learn authentic Sichuan cuisine in Sichuan Cuisine Museum.

Hong Kong

Female travelers are never tired of shopping in Hong Kong, the famous shopping paradise on earth. Furthermore, the cuisine in Hong Kong is full of surprise. There are traditional Cantonese foods, which also meet the fit the Westerner’s taste.  


The city itself is like a beautiful woman, decorated with elegantly designed classical Chinese gardens, time-honored rivers and canals, and intriguing water towns. You can feel its tenderness and laid-back atmosphere when traveling in Suzhou. 

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Is China Safe for Solo Woman Traveling in China?

More and more women are likely to travel to China alone. Many of them wonder whether it is safe for woman travel alone in China. Generally solo female tourist doesn’t have to have fear for safety, which has been confirmed by a lot of solo woman traveler who have been to China and those working in China. But still female travelers need to pay close attention to security on vacations.
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women travel in China

Tips for Female Tourists in China

Be Cautious Appropriately

Use your common sense when traveling in China. Like any other countries, it is a complicated society. There are bad people and crimes sometimes. But as long as you behave normally and take precautions, you’ll have a safe journey in China. 

Take Care of Your Stuff, be Aware of Thief

The valuables, wallets and cameras are temptations to the thieves, who always try to pick pocket in the crowded places, like train station, markets and pedestrian streets.  
Don’t hang out alone at night.  

When Taking a Taxi 

First of all, don’t take a ‘black cab’, that is, the private-owned, unlicensed taxi. For one hand, it maybe not safe, on the other hand, the driver may charge a lot. 
Secondly, you can ask the taxi driver to turn on the taximeter and charge by meter, if he/she says a fixed price in advance. 

When Shopping 

Be aware of fraud and cheat. There may be people selling fake commodities or jewels on the street at a high price. If you don’t want anything, just ignore and have to listen to the vendors. 

Dress Approximately

It is better for you not to dress too sexy, since it may cause potential safety hazard at night and it shows disrespect when visiting the temples. 

Could a Woman do a Solo Trip to Tibet?

We’ve found that many solo women travelers have been to Tibet and other wild destinations in West China. However, it is not recommended, as it may be not safe. The places are remote. The transport is not convenient. The local people speak very little English or they don’t speak any. So if there are accidents or crimes happening on you, few people may be helpful. Besides, for a solo traveler to Tibet, you may not be able to get the Tibet Permit. 
So we also suggest you join in a group tour to Tibet and the remote destinations with English-speaking guide. 

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