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What to Pack for Travel to China

What to pack for China tour? A packing list for a trip to China is listed as China travel packing tips. Luggage regulation of China air tours and toiletries & things used in China hotel are also listed for your consideration. 
What to Pack for China Tour

Here Is Some Advice for You to Pack or Prepare in Advance– the Must-have:

  • Passport and all necessary visas
  • Airline tickets / train tickets
  • Your hotels’ contact information; if you book a China tour package with Top China Travel, we’ll provide you a contact list, with contact numbers of your local guides, the hotels, the detailed information of the tickets and transfer, and so forth. 
  • A list of survival English
  • Wallet, credit cards, traveler’s checks and another smaller wallet with some change
  • A small first-aid kit for some emergencies
  • Comfortable and suitable clothes for seasons and the destinations you plan to travel
  • Camera to take your travel photos
  • Rain-proof tools such as umbrella or raincoat as well as tools against sunburn light including sunglasses and suncream
  • A converter and an adapter plug (the AC power standard in mainland China and Hong Kong is 220 volt/50 cycles)
  • Insect repellent is necessary especially when your destinations including some mountainous areas

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Luggage Preparation 

The main principle to pack is ensuring your luggage light. Please keep in mind that the weight of the check-in luggage is regulated as follow:

  • To the traveler with fist class ticket, the maximum weight of luggage is 40 kilometers (88 pounds) per person
  • To the traveler with business class ticket, the maximum weight of luggage is 30 kilograms (66pounds) per person
  • To the traveler with economy class ticket, the maximum weight of luggage is 20 kilograms (44 pounds) per person

We suggest your single check in bag should not have dimensions exceeding 76 x 46 x 26 cm (or 30 x 18 x 10 inches). A penalty from airlines might apply for check-in bag weight exceeding the above ones. Please note that airlines have restrictions on the size of the hand carry luggage, the total dimensions are measured by adding together the depth, height and length of the bag, which is:
115cm = 56cm (L) + 36cm (H) + 23cm (D)
Note: the above regulations mainly apply to domestic flights in China. Those of the international flights vary from airlines to airlines. These are usually endorsed on the air ticket. 

What to Pack - Toiletries and Things Used in China Hotel

People may think toiletries packing is easy. While for travelers, toiletries packing is also needed to prepare when you think about what to wear. Here are some tips on toiletries packing for China tour for your reference.

Toiletries you may forget:

► Slippers: we suggest you to pack a pair of slippers during your China tour. Hotels in China above 3 star may offer you disposable slippers. While in some remote places, hotel may be equipped with public slippers only.
► Loungewear: loungewear will be a great thing if you want to relax in your room or just have a breakfast in your hotel in the morning. Just what is presentable loungewear? Certainly not pajamas or anything that resembles them. Nice tracksuits and comfortable sportswear come to mind.
► At least two bags for dividing your clothes: one for clean clothes, and the other for dirty clothes. Sometimes underwear and jack or coat may be packed separately.
► At least two towels: although hotel will offer you the towel, we just suggest you to bring at least two for standby application.
► Toothbrush and tooth paste: if possible, carry toothbrush and tooth paste packing bag for your China tour as well.

Things may be used in Hotel

► Small knife: Sometimes you may find a knife is necessary in your China tour, when you need to peel fruit, cut down a branch, etc. However, the security check is very strict now when taking a train or a flight in China. Thus your knife (of any sizes) is likely to be confiscated. 
► Alcohol: Minibar prices around the world are ridiculous. Bring your own. The mixers are not as expensive, so travel with your own gin and use the hotel's tonic. It's much more economical.
► Tea: if you want to have a cup of tea during your hotel staying time, you can bring some tea with you. It is not sure that the tea supplied in the hotel will always meet your requirement.


Optional things you can consider to carry:

► Hair drier: bring a mini size if you have. Hair drier is usually equipped in the hotel. If you travel to some remote areas, it may be useful.
► Eyemask: a great tool for you to get sleep fastly, useful if you have an overnight train tour in China.

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