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Travel to China with Kids - Tips for Family Tour

China, with its stunning landscape, haunting culture & history and many family-friendly hotels, parks, attractions, is one of the top destinations for family tour with kids. If you plan well, you’ll find your travel in China with family is not only about educational and increasing knowledge but also about fun and character-building. 
Before your family holiday to China, what to pack for children is a necessary consideration. And you also need to know the best places to visit and things that may interest children most in advance. For avoiding unforeseen troubles which may meet with children such as being upset with climate, food, or some other small accidents, here Top China Travel would like to show you how to plan on a family tour to China, and also list the practical travel tips your reference. 

Before Going to China 

You are suggested to send your child to have a Physical Examination, to make sure that he/she is fit to travel. The climate, weather and diet habit of China are probably totally different from your country. So to ensure that you have a smooth, happy China holiday, both you and your children should be healthy and in good condition. 

China Family Tour

Travel in a Suitable Time 

Choose a suitable time for your family travel in China, in case that the bad weather may affect your mood and travel plans. You’d better choose a comfortable season. For most of the destinations in China, April, May, September and October (except the first week) are the best time to visit, with mild temperature and good weather.
If you travel with kids in freezingly cold winter or extremely hot summer, you need to help them to keep out the cold or be aware of the heatstroke. Make sure your children dress accordingly when travelling in places with big temperature difference between day and night.
Try to avoid traveling in China with kids during school summer holiday from July to August, May Day (May 1-3), National Holiday from October 1-7, China Lunar New Year (usually late January to early February), as the attractions and museums will be full of tourists, and you’ll have to wait in long lines. 

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TCT’s Picks of Top Family Destinations in China 

When planning your family holiday in China, you need to research on where to go and be knowledgeable of the destinations. Try to find information or collect some materials and images related to your destinations and introduce them to your children. We recommend you top places to visit, which are full of family-friendly activities. 
Beijing: it is the best place for kids to learn and have much fun as well. You might have guessed that not all of the children are interested in Forbidden City or Temple of Heaven, but you can enjoy taking toboggan down the Great Wall, and a relaxed rickshaw tour in the crisscross historical hutongs. 
Chengdu: Kids will love the panda, and have chance to get close to the pandas by taking photos with the cub and taking care of them by joining the panda volunteer program.
Shanghai: A convenient metropolis, Shanghai is for your family to explore the old and the new. The Shanghai Disneyland Park, Legoland and other themed parks are paradise for children. And you should not miss the fantastic acrobatics. 
Xi’an: An ancient capital, where you can learn the interesting historical stories, and ride a bike on the Old Walls. Both kids and adults will love it. 
Guilin: Your family will be marveled at its surreal landscape by taking a cruse down Li River to Yangshuo. Enjoy the laid-back atmosphere, biking to the countryside and the bamboo-rafting in Yangshuo. 

Hong Kong:
There are Disneyland Park, Ocean Park, gorgeous night view around Victoria Harbour, Ngong Ping 360, beaches… You’ll never fail having fun in Hong Kong. 
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Travel to China with Kids

Kid-friendly Activities in China

Children sometimes may feel stressful and boring when touring. Then we should find them some fun-filled activities, to make your family trip not only memorable but also happy all the time. In China, you may try:
  • Kong Fu – kids can learn authentic martial arts in Shaolin Temple.
  • Cooking class – learn to cook local dishes by yourself and taste it
  • Craft Classes & Workshops – kids can learn to make Chinese traditional handicrafts, such as Peking opera makeups, paper-cutting, etc. 
  • Learning Chinese calligraphy or painting 
  • Tasty and ‘good-looking’ local snacks – steam bun, dumplings, sugar-painting… 

What to Pack for Children

Travel Documents

► Passports & Visas: including yours and your children’s
► Hotel Lists: print the hotel lists including the hotel telephone and addresses if you have more than one city to travel.
► Emergency Contacts: print emergency contacts of China and keep it
► Travel Insurance Documents: ensure both the documents of you and your children

Necessary Commodities

► Necessary and comfortable Clothes in different seasons
► Food for Children: snacks and things they like to eat (if your children have any special requirement on food, you can let your travel consultant know in advance)
► Toys: to make them happy
► If traveling with toddles and babies, prepare yourself a comfortable child backpack. 
► Enough tissues and towels: we could not deny that children are always can be dirtier than the adults
► Umbrella: if possible, better to take an umbrella for rainy days
► Medicine for daily life: medicine for cold, fever, stomach upset, etc
► Ipad or any other amusing games which can keep your children quiet

Tips for Travelling in China with Kids

Hotel Accommodation: Book the family room or suite in a boutique-style hotel or cozy starred hotel, with swimming pool. You may also try the interesting themed hotel, for example, panda decoration theme hotel. 
Food: if you or your children really don’t like Chinese food, there are Western restaurants and cafes, KFCs and McDonald's in cities. If you children have allergies to certain foods like egg, fish, seafood, please advise your travel consultant and guide. 
Be noted that not all of the street foods are healthy. 

Safety: China is safe to foreign tourists with kids. Still please take good care of your children, in case that getting lost the crowed places.