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China Tailor-made Tour

♦ What is tailor-made tour?

Tailor-made tour, or we can say customized tour, is a unique tour designed for you only by our travel advisor according to your needs in China tours. 

♦ Why recommend tailor-made tour?

Tailor-made tour is popular with our clients. The tour can be tailor made in the following parts:
  • Tour Departure Time: tailor-made tour is designed according to your time. No fixed departure date. And also, if you have no idea about when to travel to China, you can tell us as well. We will, based on your preference such as scenic or cultural tour, suggest the best time to visit China. And also, you can firstly check about the general information on Best Time to Visit China
  • Traveler Numbers: tailor-made tour is a tour designed for your own only. That means, you can travel in China without sharing vehicle, meals, rooms, tour guides with other strangers. The tour guide and drivers only serve for your own group. This arrangement ensures you a more comfortable and more private time. For family travelers or couples, tailor-made tour are the most popular tours.
  • China Tour Destinations: you can choose cities, attractions, any possible places when you inquire a China tour with us. For example, if you prefer to do a hiking tour on the Great Wall rather than the normal way to visit it, just tell your TCT tour advisors in advance and you can get a quotation letter with that tour. And also, if you have no idea where to visit in China, we will, based on your preference such as scenic or cultural tour, suggest the best places to visit China. You can firstly check about the general information on Best Destinations in China for First Time Visitors
  • Meals: for travelers who have special request on the meal arrangement, such as Indian or Muslim meal, we can arrange the special meals as well. And also, if travelers would like to have the A La Carte meal, we can design a tour based on it.
  • Hotels: Different from the group tour arrangement which is no choice on the hotel arrangement, tailor-made tour can book the hotel according to your request. You can choose three star level hotels according to your budget. In most cities, we can offer 3, 4, 5 star hotels booking. And also, if you have specified hotels, we also can book it for you. See some more different among 3/4/5 star hotel information on China Star Hotel Level
  • Transportation: the transportation between cities can be arranged according to your request. For example, if you prefer to take high-speed train from Beijing to Xian instead of take the flight, we can book the train ticket for you. Note from TCT: we only recommend high speed train and flight between most cities during the itinerary arrangement. Based on our experience, the trains except high speed train are probably not suitable for foreigners (except the train to Tibet).
♦ How to book tailor-made tour with us:
  • If you have interested in one of our tour packages on Top China Travel website and satisfied with the itinerary we designed, you can immediately click the button "Book this tour" on any page about our tour packages information..
  • If you find some arrangements in our packages do not meet your satisfaction. You can tell us by click the button "Design your own tour" on any page about our tour packages information. And then, you can discuss with our travel advisors. We will help you to work out your personalized tour according to your reference.
  • If you have no idea about which cities you want to go. You also can send us an E-mail to sales@topchinatraval.com to tell us which kinds of tours you are interested in. For example, if you would like to know something about the Chinese ethnic culture as well as the cuisine culture, our professional travel advisors can design a unique tour itinerary to meet the needs of your China tour.
  • And in some other facets, such as meals and activities which you have interested in, you also can tell our travel advisors, they will arrange for you as well.