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Tips for Seniors Travelling in China

For seniors travelling in China, some necessary information should be known in advance. Here Top China Travel offers some tips about seniors travellers in China in the following:
♦ About Destinations:

Q: How about your recommendations for seniors who plan a China tour?

A: For senior travellers, we suggest a leisure and comfortable places such as Eastern China including Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou, scenic places such as Yangtze River and Guilin, or cultural cities such as Beijing and Xian.

Q: Could I have a trip to Tibet?

A: It depends. For seniors travellers, we generally not recommend to have a trip to Tibet because of the high altitude.If you stick to turn your Tibet trip dream come turn, we advise you to discuss with your doctors on this matter. Anyway, safety should be the first consideration during senior Tibet tour, right?
Here is a list of the altitudes in Tibet area for your reference:
Cities or Counties
Altitude (m. / ft.)
3,500 / 11, 483
3,650 / 11, 975
3,836 / 12, 585
4,040 / 13, 255
4,300 / 14, 108
3,000 / 9, 843
3,240 / 10, 630
3,700 / 12, 139
4,200 /13, 780
4,300 / 14, 108
4,507 / 14, 787
4,800 / 15, 748
For some more details you can see in High Altitude Sickness page

Q: Do you have any China hiking tour for seniors?

A: A day tour for hiking in moderate destinations such as Li River or a part of Great Wall can be arranged. For senior hiking, firstly we need to ensure you are really fit for walking in a comparative long distance because some hiking destinations could not be got by vehicles easily. So you may need to stick to the end with a tired body ometimes. 

♦ About Travelling in China:

Q: How about transportation in China?

A: For seniors who could not
  • For domestic flight, our price based on ecomonic seat
  • For high-speed train, our price based on second-class seat
  • For Yangtze River cruise, we recommend Victoria Cruise ship
  • For city public transportation, we recommend taxi
  • We do not recommend you to take trains in China hoidlays period, and public tranportations in traffic peaking time
We also can offer vehicle renting service including airport/train station transferring, day tour picking up and transferring (day tour working hours within 8 hours for tour guide and driver), and so on.

Q: I could not take too many flights so how about the alternative choice?

A: You can choose Yangtze River cruise in your China tour. Without taking flight, Yangtze River cruise can ensure a comfortable and leisure senior tour for you.
You can find more information in Yangtze River Cruise Routes page

Q: Any suggestions for buying as my China tour souvenirs?

A: For seniors traveller, Chinese tea can be one of the best choices. Easy to carry and good for health, Chinese tea could be not only your tour souvenirs but also a great gift for your friends.