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Tips for Disabled Travellers Traveling in China

For disabled travellers traveling in China, Top China Travel would like to list some tips for your reference:

Preparation Stage

► Checking about your travel destinations:
► Have a well-functioned packing bag
You can see details in What to Do and Pack for Seniors
► Doing researching work
Know your destinations: get plenty of information and finalize your destinations, The barrier-free environment in China is developing fast, especially in cities like Beijing, shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shenyang and Qingdao. Try to get more information about your destinations and their accessible facilities.

Tips for disabled travelers in China

Know the accessible public facilities of your destinations:
contact the airlines, cruise ship companies, hotels, airport and railway station as early as possible to ensure whether and how they can offer help based on your impaired mobility.
Know the regulation of taking your medication by air: consult the airline that you are going to take, and check their luggage rules, including how to carry your medication, wheel chair or therapy equipment.

When in China

► General disable access facilities in major cities in China


On the Street

► Public vehicles choices:
When travelling in a city: Taxi is the best choice with the most suitable level. No recommend other public vehicles including subway, bus, or light rail because of the crowded and unfriendly disable access design.
When travelling from a city to another: Long distance by flight and short distance by renting car will be the best choice. No train or coach because you could not image the crowded and extremely troubling situations you may meet.

Disabled Travel FAQs:

Can I book wheelchair in China?

A: Yes, Top China Travel would like to offer you the wheelchair service which is attached in the tour. But an extra service fee will be charged. No individual wheelchair can be booked from us.

Can I bring my medication to China?

A: Better to consult with China embassy or consulate in your country to get clear about the medical exit and entry regulation for that. Also, asking the airline about the medication regulation as well.

Which emergency numbers should I keep when in China?

A: 110 for the police, 119 in case of fire or 120 for an ambulance. See more details about Useful Numbers in China