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Street Scams in China

When travel abroad, we may have risks of being focus by cheats. Top China Travel would like to list some cautions for our clients. We are show great attentions for the safety issues of our clients, and would like to help you to avoid the displeased things in your China tour as possible as we can.

Safety tips in China

The following four scams may be the most popular means of cheats in China:

Trap No. 1 - Practicing English

Around some popular destinations or commercial areas, cheats may summon and find their targets all the time. Generally, the scam taking on this situation will be called “practicing English”. The general steps will be:
When tourists walking on the street, a person or a group of people will show their friendly attitude and may have a sweet smile face to you. Then, he or they will introduce themself asking for a little English practicing. They all behavior nice and not show any force words on this matter. And then, they may ask to tea or dinner for more communication. And if you agree to accompany with them, you will find yourself with a very big bill to pay (30-50 euros) in a country where you can eat lunch or dinner for 3-4 euros.

Trap No. 2 - Tea ceremony

A similar situation as above. Strangers may come to communicate with you aggressively, and also show their nice attitude towards you by asking questions such as where are you from, do you like Chinese culture, etc. And then, they will tell you that they can help you to buy tea in a local tea shop or partake in a famous tea ceremony. If you agree to follow with them, a big bill or a mass of troubles will follow you.

Trap No. 3 - Taking pictures and then go to have a tea

It is a normal thing that if Chinese people ask you to take photos with them by their cameras only. While it must be a scam if they continue to ask you to have a tea for practicing English. Situation is almost the same as the first one.

Trap No. 4 - Free Art Show

The situation of this scam is almost the same. A group of young people will contact with you and tell you that they are art students. They are holding an free art show of their work nearby. Once you go with them to the fake “ar show”, you will be force to purchasing “art products”.

Tips from Top China Travel for avoiding the above traps:

Where may happen:

Especially popular in the tourist-friendly parts of Beijing (like Wangfujing shopping district and Houhai Lake nightlife district) and Shanghai (Nanjing Road shopping district and adjacent Peoples’ Park). Solo male travelers are the suckers of choice.

How to avoid: 

► Don’t agree to accompany with strangers to have meals, tea shops, painting shops, etc. Don’t agree to follow with them to the place they choosing
► If a stranger communicate with you aggressively, it may probably a part of the scam.
► Don’t agree any service till you know the exact price

At last, we need to say that most of Chinese people are friendly and warm-heart to tourists. There actually some small groups of cheats may give you a bad experience when travelling, while there actually some more big groups of honest Chinese people will help you when you meet difficulties in China. Just remember that local residents and people in service organizations and legal enterprises are glad to give a hand of you.