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Some Basic Dining Customs in China

First of all, there are no taxes or tipping. You need only pay the stated price of the meal and no more.
Secondly, people don't normally order dishes individually in China . If you're eating with a friend or a group it is better for your friends or the host to decide on what dishes you want together. All the dishes are placed in the middle of the table, sometimes on a rotating platform, and each person takes food from the dishes using their chopsticks or spoon and places it in their individual bowl to eat.

Tips for Dining in China
Thirdly, there usually is no splitting the bill when Chinese people eat out; instead one person will volunteer to pay for the entire meal. If you do try to pay for your own portion of the meal instead of letting one person pay the whole thing, your Chinese friends might be very offended. You can choose to treat them to the next meal in return, but do not try to share the bill this time.
Fourthly, if you do not like to eat certain kinds of food, you should tell your friends or host in advance. Since some Chinese people might, as a special treat, want to serve you with wild animals such as dog, cat and pigeon in local restaurants, you should tell them before they order.
Finally, when you are eating, Chinese people will keep on persuading you to having more food and wines all the times to show their enthusiasm and hospitality. If you are really full, you can thank them and explain with a moderate expression of appreciation