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Safety Tips When Travelling in China

Generally China is very safe for tourists, no matter you travel with friends, families, kids, seniors or you travel alone. Top China Travel agency would like to list some safety tips for your reference. We are glad to let every one who plan to or is travelling in China have a pleasant tour without any poor experience.  

Safety tips in China

Safety tips for solo traveler

Many people, even single woman traveler, after they travel in China alone, say that they feel China is one of the safest countries in the world. So now there are more and more solo travelers in China. In view of the difficulties and safety risks a solo traveler may encounter, here are the tips: 
► Collect and summarize travel guides and security considerations of your destinations. 
► Ask directions from the police, your hotel staff or students in street. They may speak English.
► You need always to use common sense. For examples, don't go out alone at night, except you go to the nearby markets, shopping malls or pedestrian streets; don’t show your money or valuables around; don’t follow strangers or tell much your personal information. 
► Better not travel to the off the beaten path, e.g. virgin forests.  
Be aware of the petty crime such as pickpocketing, scams and cheats. 
► Take care of your personal stuff, especial in the public areas or on public transport. 
► You can bargain in China. And if you don’t want something, just shake your head, say ‘no’ or ‘buyao’.  
For a woman traveling alone to China, you need not worry too much about sexual assault or being mugged. It is seldom happened. But better never let your guard down. 
► For a backpacker to the remote areas, you will need to understand the detailed transport, accommodation and food information to proceed there. 
If you plan to travel alone in China, and don’t mind to share the vehicle and guide with other travelers, Top China Travel recommends you severalChina Group Toursto top destinations. In this way, you can save money and also have a safer vacation.  

Safety tips of Chinese hotel accommodation

► Never leave your luggage unattended.
► Tell your family, relatives or friends the hotel name, address, telephone number, check-in time.
► If you join a group tour, take down the telephone numbers of your teammates’ rooms.
► Determine in advance where the Emergency Exists are.
► Store valuables in the hotel's safety deposit box.
► Expensive items of clothing should be locked inside a suitcase.
► If someone knocks, check the identity of caller.
► The tap water is not drinkable water in China. 

Safety tips on the street

► Ensure your valuable things (video, camera, wallet, mobile phone, etc. ) is not shown outside.
► Don’t show off your money in public and be conscious of the pickpocket in crowded places.
► Don’t carry your important travel documents such as passport and visa in your shoulder bag or bum bag. 
► When lost or in difficulty, you can ask for directions or for help from a police officer or a shop owner - not a stranger. 
► Carry certified copies of documents and leave the originals in the safe deposit box. 
► Carry small change in your wallet and your bank notes / credit cards separately in your pocket or in a pouch under your shirt. 

Safety tips on ATMs

► Beware of card swapping at ATMs (Bank machines) and press Cancel should somebody try to distract you. Carry card details (without the pin code) on you. All ATMs display details of a 24 hour help line.
► When using ATM, ensure there is no one standing so close to you. 
► When using ATM, still keep an eye of your card and your cooperation.
► If someone is tapping your shoulder in this moment, firstly ensure to get back your card and then turn back to see who he is.
► Be cautious of scams where well dressed strangers offer to phone the bank on your behalf on their cell phone, when your card gets stuck. They invariably will ask you for your pin. Your pin is not required to cancel a card.

Safety tips when you have free time from your Top China Travel tour

► You are not recommended to go around alone, especially elderly people. 
► You are not recommended to visit some places that seems not open to the tourists
► If a place is in a construction project, choose another way. 
► Better to ensure some places you plan to go with your tour guide or your tour leader.
► If you could not contact your tour guide/tour leader/TCT tour adviser timely, dialing 110 (Police number).
Top China Travel promises to offer you a high quality tour service. And try to help you avoid the scams as possible as we can. And also, remember one thing: China now becomes more and more international, and it is common to see foreigners on the street. So just walking on the street as that in your country, tourist is also a part of the city, right?