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Properties Security in Public

No matter which cities you tour in, the following tips may be very useful for you to ensure the safety of yourself and the security of your property.
  • Do not show off your money in public
  • Do not leave your valuables in your room, you should put them into the safety deposit box
  • Do not wear any jewelry that may cause a thief’s attention when you go our for strolling
  • Do not wear a bag or purse on your street-side shoulder
  • Do not enter into any areas or sites that are not open to foreigners
  • Do not quarrel with anyone during your trip
  • Do not carry your important travel documents such as passport and visa in your shoulder bag or bum bag
  • It is better to take traveler checque than cash
  • It is better to keep an eye on your possession in crowded areas
  • It is better to take a local map with you and mark your hotel location on it
  • It is better to built a good friendship with your tour guides and other group members, this will make you have a pleasant trip
  • It is better to bring with you any over-the-counter medicines you might need, such as pain-killers, cold medicines, or anti-diarrhea medicine, and a small first-aid-kit.

Safety tips in China

Useful numbers when you find you are in a dangerous situation or your personal properties are at risk:

0086- International code of China
110- Police/ Emergency
119- Fire alarm
120- First aid
112- Urban telephone trouble desk
113- Domestic long-distance manual registration desk
114- Urban telephone information desk
115- International long-distance registration desk
116- Domestic long-distance manual information desk
117- Time
121- Weather forecast