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Muslim Travelers to China - Halal Travel Inspiration & Tips

The number of Muslim tourists visiting China has risen year by year as China's cultural, economic and tourism exchanges with Asian, Arab and other Muslim countries. Statistics from the national tourism administration shows that in 2014, China received 340, 000 Muslim tourists from the Middle East, 570,000 Indonesian tourists and 1.13 million Malaysian tourists. 
So many Muslim travelers come to China every year because of its rich Muslim tourism resources. In addition to the renowned world heritage sites, China has 34,000 mosques where Muslim travelers can have an in-depth visit and pray there. The Muslim population of China is more than 20 million, with a number of Muslim communities in Beijng, Xian, Shanghai, Gansu and other places.
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Muslim travelers to China 

The Best Places for Muslims to Travel in China

The following cities or provinces are recommended for Muslim tourists because there are important mosques, authentic Halal restaurants, famous Islamic sites and Muslim communities. 
Beijing: Muslims of Hui Nationality have been living together in Beijing since Yuan Dynasty. Niujie is the largest Muslim community in Beijng, where the Niujie Mosque is located. 
Shanghai: Islam has had a long history in Shanghai. There are several Muslim communities. Muslims strictly keep their customs and diet habits. Dozens of mosques, Muslim cemeteries, and historical sites scatter in Shanghai. 
Xian: It is one of the top destinations in China for Muslims. The Hui Muslim community is nearby Drum Tower, Sajinqiao, Xiyangshi Street, DamaishI Street and Hujue Alley. The over 1200-year-old Great Mosque of Xian is one of the oldest and most important mosques in China.   

Mosque in China
Gansu: It has a great number of Muslims, ranking second in China. Lanzhou Xiguan Grand Mosque and Lanzhou Qiaomenjie Mosque are great places to pray and for Islam religious activities. 
Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province: Ever since Yuan Dynasty, Muslims have settled in the city. the most famous Muslim sites and mosques include Phoenix Mosque, Fanhuijia Cemetery, Dinghenian Tomb, etc. Hangzhou Mosque was built in 2012, and is by far the largest mosques in China. 
Yunnan: Muslims are mainly distributed in Kunming, Yuxi, Honghe, Wenshan, Dali and Qujing. There are more than 500,000 believers of Islam, and many classics of Islam in Yunnan. The woodcarving version of the Koran created in 1895 years is the most famous. Yunnan’s mosques blend the architectural features of Arab style, Chinese temple and local minority architectural style. The Shadian Muslim community is known as the ‘the lesser Mecca of South Yunnan’
Xinjiang uygur autonomous region: Apart from Uyghur people and Hui people, Kazakh people in xinjiang also believe in Islam. Visit Urumqi, Kashgar and Turpan for the time-honored mosques and legendary Muslim historical sites.   
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Halal food – Halal Restaurants in China

Some Muslim travelers feel that it is not easy to tour around world. The different eating customs always make them worried. Touring in China, you don’t have to worry much about the food or daily meals, as there is a large Muslim population in China, with authentic halal restaurants in many cities and towns. 
Halal food in Chinese in known as “qingzhen Shipin” (清真食品). Halal restaurant in Chinese is “Qingzhen Canting” (清真餐厅). In China, halal food is processed and made strictly according to the Chinese Muslim diet. The diet taboos are the same with those of Muslim countries. 
Find Muslim restaurants in China’s top tourist destinations: 
Halal food in China

Frequently asked questions of Muslim travel in China

Q: How Can I Plan My Trip in China as a Muslim?

A: Top China Travel crafts two classic tour packages for Muslim tourists, with halal meals, Islamic historical sites, Muslim communities and more, which meets most of the needs. And the tour itinerary can be adjusted or we can tailor-made you a tour. 

Q: Is Halal Food Available in China?

A: Yes, just as we mentioned above. If you book tour package with Top China Travel, we’ll arrange you beforehand restaurants providing halal meals. Just let us know in advance.  

Q: What nighttime activities you recommend for us, as Muslims don’t go clubs?

A: We understand that the activities for you mustn’t involve alcohol. So we usually recommend you enjoy a relaxed spa at hotel or go shopping around and have fun.