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How to Pay by PayPal

With the fast-growing e-commerce and the international trade, PayPal becomes the most popular paying tool in the world. It is fairly convenient for payment during the transaction. Once paid, the payment is received at once. It accepts payment by debit card, credit card, e-check, etc. Worked as the third party in the transaction, PayPal is safe enough. Therefore, PayPal becomes the favorite payment mode nowadays in the international trade. More than 90% sellers and more than 85% buyers choose PayPal in their transactions.

Besides, free sign-up and easy operation are the other two advantages of PayPal.

When I book a tour with Top China Travel, how can I pay for my booking through PayPal?

Step 01 Received a PayPal invoice

TopChinaTravel will send an invoice through its PayPal account by email with subject as "Invoice from 桂林中国国际旅行社有限责任公司(0463)". Click the buttom [View and Pay Invoice] to read the details of the invoice.  

  1. '桂林中国国际旅行社有限责任公司' refers to the TopChinaTravel's mother company's legal name in Chinese.
  2. '0463' refers to the PayPal invoice number.

NOTE: Please ensure the invoice is sent by service@intl.paypal.com. Do not respond with payment if the email is not from this email address unless you've already double-checked with your personal travel consultant of TopChinaTravel.


Step 02 Read the Invoice Details

Please read the invoice details carefully. It includes below information:

  1. TopChinaTravel's mother company's legal name
  2. TopChinaTravel's LOGO
  3. TopChinaTravel's PayPal account: pay@topchinatravel.com (not shown on mobile version)
  4. Payment items and amount
  5. Message from your travel consultant if he or she leaves any
  6. A bottom of "Pay" for payment

Click the buttom of [ Pay ] to continue the payment if the payment information is all correct.


Step 03 Pay at the Payment Window

Here you will make a choice to decide the payment with credit card/debit car or with your own PayPal.

Put your email address into the blank, then click [ Next] to continue the payment.

  1. If you already have PayPal account which is connected with your email address, it will go to the PayPal Log in page when you click [ Next ]. Then you just need to put the password and log in your PayPal account to finish the payment.
  2. If the email address is not your PayPal account or you do not have PayPal at all, then it will go to a page for pay with debit or credit card. The mobile version may look a bit different from desktop version. 


Step 04 Finish the Payment with Credit Card

  1. If you are a PayPal user, you just need to log in the account to finish the payment.
  2. If you do not have PayPal account, please fill in the blanks with your credit card information on the payment page, then click [ Pay Now] at the end to finish the payment.

When you pay the PayPal invoice, we will inform you of the payment received by sending an emai to you when we get a notice email from PayPal company at the same time.