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How to Choose a Good China Tour Operator Online

Topchinatravel.com is one of the largest and earliest online tour operators in China, who is almost leading in Chinese inbound tourism market. When you search online, you will find many travel agencies claim that they are the leading tour operator in China. Then you will be at your wits end and do not know which one is a really reliable operator. We are now advising you how to identify it and help you to avoid the travel traps.

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►The Tour Operator Should be legal

Of course, no matter the tour operator is leading or not, at least, it should be a legal one. Otherwise, it will never be reliable. When you check a tour operator online, we suggest you check their self-introduction first. It is often at <About Us> section of a website.

You need to find out who runs the website here. That means you need to dig out the real company who will offer services to you, checking the proofs of the legitimacy, such the business license or other corresponding documents issued by governments or the authorities. If the information is missing, the website might be fraudulent.

You could find topchinatravel.com is managed by China International Travel Service Guilin Co. Ltd in the section of <About Us> on our website. Our company’s business license with the government’s seal is shown on the page and other document offered by other authority.

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►How to Recognize a Tour Operator is Qualified

After checking the legitimacy of the company, you need to estimate whether it can offer you satisfactory services or not. Then the qualification is the key. Generally speaking, tour operator in China has their English name with <Travel Service>. Just Like the two top tour operators, China Travel Service (CTS) and China International Travel Service (CITS), are authorized and licensed by China National Tourism Administration to arrange tours in China for overseas tourists. Top China Travel (managed by China Travel International Service Guilin Co. Ltd) is licensed by government to run the business of incoming China tours for overseas tourists.

Then we suggest you also check whether the operator you find on the website join in as a member of some international authoritative tourism organizations or associations, such as PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association), ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents) and IATA (International Air Transport Association), ect. It is an honor of Top China Travel (China International Travel Service Guilin Co. Ltd) to be member of ASTA (ID: 9001-64756). We are also the member of PATA for for almost 10 years.

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►How to Test the service quality offered by a tour operator

Top China Travel offers professional service with more considerate arrangement to our clients. We have experienced and professional tour consultant, offering free enquiry service. We have toll free number for US & Canada market (800-918-2657). It is greatly convenient for tourists to know the company and consult with our tour adviser.

Besides, Top China Travel requests our tour consultant to reply email with the tour proposal to the clients’ enquiry and response to some clients who have questions about traveling to China by email or phone call within 24 hours.

Be cautious when you receive a tour program at an incredibly low price from a tour operator. In China, we have a saying that you get what you pay for. If the tour price is too low, the company probably offers poor service and meals, which may be worse that what they promise to you. It will ruin your vacation.

►Choose a Tour Operator by the Reviews from their Customers

Most tour operator will put the section of <Testimony>on their website, in which the reviews and thank-you letter are shown, sometimes with the client’s pictures. If the testimony is updated frequently enough, it means their clients have good time in China and are willing to feedback to them.

Another way to test the quality of services offered by the tour operator is to check the review on their list on Tripadvisor.com. Most leading tour operators in China have their own list on Tripadvisor(TA).
Top China Travel’s TA list URL is https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g298556-d3627531-Reviews-Top_China_Travel_Guilin_Day_Tour-Guilin_Guangxi.html
No matter you are tour operator or tourists, you need to sign in tripadvisor.com by your email address first when you try to review or list your business. The email of the customer is attached and can be search. Tourist who plans to use the same tour operator can email to the customer to get the service facts.

When you check a tour operator’s review on their TA list, take care when you see all positive review, without a single negative review on their business. You could be calm down to think about it carefully. Is it possible that the tour operator may tell a lie, paying thousands of dollars for removing their negative review. Is it real that all of their clients do not have different opinion or idea about their service? If they remove their bad review, it will mislead the customers to buy their service, which is actually not as good as that shown in the reviews. Therefore, when you read the reviews, it is very important to read and analyze the good or bad reviews.

►Payment Security

Generally speaking, a reliable company often offer several way for the payment. Top China Travel accepts credit card, Paypal, Western Union as well as wire transfer. Compared, credit card (Mastercard, Visa card and American Express) and Paypal are the most convenient way for online payment. Paypal is one of the renowned online payment systems, which is more convenient, faster and safer. Customers can pay through Paypal by their credit card. Top China Travel’s Paypal account is pay@topchinatravel.com. We welcome the payment through Paypal.

When you choose to pay through wire transfer, please make sure the beneficiary should be the same to the company’s name. Make sure the beneficiary should be a company account, but not a personal account. For example, Top China Travel is run by China International Travel Services Guilin Co., Ltd, and then our bank account name is China International Travel Services Guilin Co., Ltd.

Besides, if Western Union is more convenient for you, then please be kindly advised that Western Union is only used between individuals. It is not allowed to pay to company’s account. Therefore, I suggest that this is the last way you choose for payment. If a tour operator insists you to pay to a personal account, remind you to think about it twice to avoid any fraud.

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