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How to Call Police(110) in China

For calling a police when you need to have alarm service in China, you may need to have a general idea of the way so that you can connect with police in a shorter time.

Call police in China

Call Police in China - Step by Step:

1. After putting through 110 (free), you will firstly hear such a prompt in both Chinese and English:”Hello, here is 110 alarm service”, then an operator will hear your case.

2. Answering the questions according to the requirements of the operator, such as your name, position and contact ways ans so on as well as the basic information of the case alarmed.

3. Generally, you should remain at the position where you give the alarm to wait for policemen and contact with them as soon as they arrive.

4. Please keep the site untouched so that the policemen can acquire evidences at the site,


1. Tell the operator your location as clear as you can. You may give a great help for policemen to handle the case.

2. If you dial 110 by mistake, please hang up immediately.