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China Domestic Flights Luggage Allowance Details

How about the regulation of travelers’ luggage on the airplane in China? How about the weight of traveler’s luggage when travel by air in China? Here we list some official regulation of Civil Aviation Administration of China for your reference:

The luggage can be divided into 3 categories: checked Luggage, hand luggage, cabin luggage.

► Checked luggage is the luggage which passengers turn over to the airlines for consigning before departing, and after arriving they could get back.

► Hand luggage can be put under the seat or on the luggage-rack, but it has limits of dimension and weight.
► Cabin luggage’s weight is included in the weight of checked luggage, but it is with the passenger in the cabin and took care by the passenger.
China domestic flight restrictions

Free checked luggage allowance:

For the passenger with adult ticket or half-price ticket, the regulate weight for free luggage is different in different cabin.
Seat Class
Luggage Allowance For Total (KG)
40kg (88 pounds)
30kg (66 pounds)
20kg (44 pounds)
Note:The infant traveler with infant ticket do not have free luggage. 

Carry-on luggage allowance: 

Seat Class
Luggage Allowance For Total (KG)
10kg (22 pounds)
5 kg (11 pounds)
5 kg (11 pounds)
Note: The carry-on luggage should be not larger than 20cm x 40cm x 55cm (7.8 x 15.7 x 21.6 inches).
The carry-on luggage will be checked with other luggage too. Any luggage in excess of the free luggage, or the carry-on luggage allowance, there will be an excess luggage charge that the passenger should pay.

Charge for overweight luggage

For China domestic flights, the charging rate of overweight luggage is 1.5/kg x economy class ticket price.
The regulation for the charging rate of overweight luggage for each Chinese airlines company may be a little different, Please check with the airline you choose.

How much pieces of baggage can be packed for the flight?

A: We suggest that 1 person with 2 - 3 pieces of baggage when taking China domestic flight.
► 1 piece is checked baggage (the baggage carried by the flight luggage compartment and picked up at the final destination)
► 1 - 2 pieces carry-on or hand baggage (the baggage carried by yourself and accompany with you on the passenger cabin)

What articles could not be packed in checked / carry-on baggage?

A: For baggage packing, some articles are prohibited to carry neither in checked baggage nor carry-on baggage; some are prohibited to pack in checked baggage, and some are prohibited in carry-on ones. Here is a list for your reference
 China Domestic Flight Baggage Regulation
Articles could not be packed neither in checked baggage nor in carry-on baggage:
Articles could not be packed in checked baggage:
► Valuable articles: cash, bill of exchange, credit card, jewelry, camera
► Items for urgent needed: medicine, keys, passports, travel cheque, business documents
► Unique items: manuscript, heirloom
► Fragile items: glasses, glass containers
Above items could not be packed into checked baggage. It should be put into carry-on baggage.
Articles could not be packed in carry-on baggage:
► Knives in daily life: Kitchen knife, shear, fruit knife, shaver, etc
► Knives in professional fields: scalpels, butchers knives, carving knives, etc,
► Tools in performance: swords, spear and halberd, etc.
► Other sharps and blunts which are dangerous for people’s lives
Above items could not be packed into carry-on baggage. It should be put into checked baggage. 

How about the digital products ?

A: Digital products such with lithium batteries should be carried in carry-on baggage. Lithium batteries for notebook PCs, mobile phone, digital cameras or some other digital products like that could not be packed in your check luggage.
For digital products security checking, people should take out the big ones such as notebook PCs, ipads, digital cameras, mobile phones, etc. one by one on the security checking procedure.
At most two spare batteries are allowed to be carried as handed luggage and they should be well preserved to avoid short-circuit.