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Yangtze Cruise Embark and Disembark

Some tips on Yangtze River Cruise embark and disembark, and Tips on Yangtze River Cruise short excursion such as fees and safety issues.


Before embarking: If you have purchased one of our China tours which include Yangtze River cruise, we will provide and arrange the necessary transfers to the ship, which means that you do not need to check in to the ship all by yourselves. Our tour guide will meet and lead you from your destination airport or train station to the cruise ship.
Note: Free transferring service could not be offerred if you booking Yangtze cruise ship only. 

If you prefer to check in at the cruise ship yourselves, you need to get the details of your itinerary (the port's name and location and the time of departure) from TCT or cruise company. Usually you need to arrive several hours before the cruise ship departs.
If you are late: If you think you will probably miss your ship as scheduled due to unavoidable reasons, please contact us immediately. We need to hear from you so that we could contact the cruise company and inform them about your situation. Nevertheless, we will try to provide the best solution.
Disembark before the ship arrives: If you have to disembark before the ship arrives at its terminal, you are requested to get off at the nearest dock. Kindly inform us if you plan to disembark earlier than expected when you make the booking so that you can get the actual fare. To let the ship dock at any other place that is not included in the itinerary will greatly increase the quoted price of your trip.
Join the shore excursions: There are many local porters to serve you during shore excursions. Two of them will carry you in a bamboo chair, for which you only need pay CNY20.00 - CNY30.00 (US$2.50 - US$4.00). We think that this will be very convenient and helpful for you.
When you disembark, you will see our guide on the landing and holding a board with your name written on it. Then, you will be transferred to the scenic spots by tour bus and also drive you back to the pier after visiting.
Generally speaking, the attractions for shore excursion include Ghost City, Wan County, Shibaozhai, White Emperor City, Small Three Gorges, Shennong Stream, Three Gorges Dam, Jingzhou and Yueyang Tower and other places.
Different cruise companies may provide different shore excursions items. And it is also different when you choose to cruise from the upstream or the downstream.