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Domestic and International Departure Procedure in China

China Domestic Flight Departure Procedure

1, Passengers should arrival the airport in the time limited set by the airline company. Most of China’s airlines stop the check-in procedure 30 minutes before departure, only some large airport require passenger finishing the check-in procedure 45 minutes or 1 hour before departing.
2, Produce the ticket and ID card, checking the ticket, check the baggage, obtain your boarding and baggage passes.  

International Flight Departure Procedure 

1. For most of the international flight, the deadline for check-in procedure is 3 hours before departing.
2. Except for the ID card and ticket, passenger should also present the relative certificates such as health certificate, entry and exit documents. 
3. If a passenger violates the relative regulation, he/she must be the responsible for the consequence.
Flight Departure Procedure in China

When Taking Connecting Flight in China

If one flight could not take you to you destination, you will need a connecting fight. The connecting flights are cheaper than the direct one; some times it is also a good choice. The time for waiting the connecting flight in transfer airport may be 45 min to 72 hrs.
Connection services
Connection service is the service for passenger who buys the connecting tickets. Starting from the booking procedure, the responsible department will inform the relative department the passenger’s information. When the passenger arrival the transfer airport passenger just need to find the connection service counter and there will provide service to help the passenger take the baggage, check-in and passing through the security check.

Missing, or mistaking a flight 

If a passenger misses his/her flight himself/herself, he/she could choose to take the flow-up flight or refund the ticket at the airport or at the place where the ticket has been purchased. When refunding the ticket, the airline company could charge appropriate fee for missing the flight.
If passengers missing the fight due to the fault of the airline company, passengers could stay and waiting for the flow-up flight or refund the ticket free of charge.
If a passenger mistakes a flight at their own fault, the airline company will arrange the passenger to take the earliest flight to the destination on his/her ticket. And the ticket could not refund. If it is the airline company’s fault that causes the mistaking, the passenger could ask for refund free of charge.