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Can I take my pet flying with me in China?

Can I take my pet flying with me in China? Some Passengers may ask. The answer is “Yes”! Some airlines in China allow passenger to take pets flying or treat pets as unaccompanied baggage.
Your pet should be homebred and mild animals such as dogs and cats. It is not allowed to take wild and dangerous animals and other monstrous-apperance animals. To fly with you pet, you should first apply to the airline you choose with the quarantine certificate of your pet when booking your ticket. If your application passes, you should take your pet to the airport and at time suggested of the departure day.
For China Airlines, the pets will be checked as baggage in pressurized and temperature controlled area in the aircraft you take.

Travel to China with pets

The following qualifications that pets should meet to be treat as checked baggage:

  • Keep you pet in a kennel to prevent it from harming any person or baggage.
  • The kennel is comfortable enough for you pet to enjoy the entire flight.
  • The pets which are over 14 kg / 30.8 lb should be kept in their own kennel.
  • Your pet should have all the necessary health documents required by the destination you land.

Fees associated with your pet transport

The fees are based on the route you choose. If you need more information about the fees you can visit the website or call the airlines

Requirement of the Kennel

  • The kennel should be properly ventilated.
  • No part of the animal was allowed from protruding outside of the kennel
  • The kennel should provide enough space for your pet to turn around and stand.

Necessary Health Documentation

Some countries require health document of the pet you take. And it is also a responsibility that a passenger should be aware of other passengers and all the regulations.

Other restrictions

An animal with illness, aggressive behavior will be refused to transport. If the kennel is poor, or the temperature at origin, transfer or destination is not suitable for transport, Air China will also refused you application.
For detail information about pet transport, please contact the airline you choose directly.