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What Meals Included in TCT Tour

Chinese take meal as one of the most important maters in daily life. How about the Chinese breakfast, lunch and dinner? How about the meal I can expect in my China tour? Her we list some generally situation about Chinese meals for your reference:


Generally breakfast is arranged at the hotels where the clients are staying.. The clients can start their day off with the western breakfast (WBF) or American ones (ABF) in most of the big cities and developed tourism cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xian and Guilin. The higher the rating of the hotel, the more food it will offer.

In remote areas, western food might not be offered, so Chinese breakfast (CBF) or Chinese-and-Western–mixed will be served as the substitute. The following food might be included in Chinese-and-Western-mixed buffet: pastry and bread, cakes, cookies and other desserts, Chinese dim-sum, noodles and rice-noodles, boiled or fried eggs, chips, appetizers and salads, Chinese hot dishes, milk, coffee, tea and so on.
In most cases, our price for TWO sharing ONE standard room PER NIGHT will include breakfast offered by the hotel for TWO.

Lunch & Dinner

Lunch is usually woven into our daily arrangement, especially in the remote areas. As to the dinner, it is not included as often as the lunch. We intend to leave more time to the clients to explore local specialties themselves, which will make the itinerary more flexible and interesting. The settled lunch and dinner, without your special requests, will be Chinese food. Your guests will enjoy their lunch and dinner in the restaurants or hotels authorized by local tourism bureaus. In line with food sanitation and security for each international friend, China National Tourism Administration has carried out a strict regulation on meals. We arrange the meals in those restaurants in big cities or main tourism cities based on the regulation and the standard as follows:

General meals in China are served as follows:

For group: 8 hot dishes and 1 soup
6-9 Pax: 6 hot dishes and 1 soup
2-5 Pax: 4 hot dishes and 1 soup
1 Pax: 2 hot dishes and 1 soup