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Giant Panda Works

Because of its special research value and status, and its cute image, the panda is widely loved by most people in the world, especially children. Artworks based on the giant panda are also common, especially as a mascot or other representative.

Giant Panda--As a Mascot for the Olympics or the Asian Games

Panda Pan Pan--the mascot of 1990 Beijing Asian Games

panda panpan

Panda Pan Pan's prototype is a giant panda named Ba Si, from Sichuan Province, China. Born in 1980 and died on September 13, 2017, Ba Si enjoyed a lifetime of 37 years, which is the equivalent of 148 years old for human beings (one year for the giant panda is the equivalent of four years for human beings). Giant Panda Ba Si is the oldest panda in the world.
During the 1990 Asian Games, the image of a running panda with a gold medal appeared almost daily in newspapers and TV stations across the country, and it was also deeply embedded in the minds of most Chinese people.

Fuwa Jing Jing--the mascot of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

panda jingjing

Fuwa Jing Jing's prototype is the panda named Mao Mao who born on September 6, 2003, and died in the devastating Wen Chuan earthquake of 2008. Mao Mao was a heroic mother who gave birth to five children. Although she is petite, she is very maternal. Every time after the birth of a panda cub, she took care of the baby and nursed it carefully and was a famous good mother.

Giant Panda--As the Protagonist of Film

kung fu panda

In 2008, Dream Works, a famous Hollywood cartoon production company, produced the famous film " Kung Fu Panda ". In the story, the protagonist "Po" also became popular with the whole series, sparking a wave of panda craze.

Giant Panda--As an Art Sculpture

panda sculpture

On December 24, 2013, a giant panda with a height of about 15 meters climbed into the outer wall of the International Financial Center in Chengdu, China. It seems to be curious about the world in the building. It is reported that the giant panda is 15 meters tall and 13 tons heavy. It is composed of nearly four thousand triangles and was created by the top international artist Lawrence Argent. And it ss the world's largest hanging panda art installation.

Giant Panda--As an Automobile Styling

panda car

In November 2008, the national treasure "giant panda" was incorporated into the car styling design by the famous Chinese private automobile company, Geely Automobile CO., LTD.

Giant Panda--As a Popular Element

panda element cartier

panda element LV

Not only that, the giant panda has entered the fashion world as a popular element. Some well-known brands have introduced products with the theme of panda, such as LV, Cartier, Swarovski, etc.