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Tengger Desert


located in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and joins the border of Ningxia at Zhongwei City

Reasons to visit

The fourth largest desert in China

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  • 08:30 - 17:30

Tengger Desert (腾格里沙漠) lies 25 km towards the western Zhongwei County, 150 km south of Yinchuan City, covering an area of 36,700 square kilometers. It is the fourth largest desert in China.

Things to Do and See

Here, you have a good chance to enjoy the great power of nature as well as experience a very distinct view of desert. Here, you can see abundant endless sand dunes; also you can hardly find life there. More than 400 lakes are dispersed throughout the desert. Perhaps Wall Owls are the most visible creature living here, which are active during daytime but quiet at night.

【Shapotou Tourism Area】
It lies southeast rim of the desert. It is regarded as the Capital of Sand. Standing on the sand hill, you can find the desert extending to the north, and to the south, a boundless oasis. This lovely place brings the grandeur of the northern China and the elegance of the southern China together.

【Moon Lake】
Moon Lake in this desert is one of the most adventurous and relaxed tourist destinations for those modern urbanite. It has three unique features. Its shape looks like a map of China; water in this lake is a natural medicated bath formula; under the surface layer, there is a black beach with a history of more than one thousand years.

【Swan Lake】
Swan Lake lies at the eastern rim of the desert, about 35 km from the Moon Lake. The lakeside is full of desert dates and has a black mud area, one kilometer in length and a hundred meters in width. The water in this vast lake is clear and bright. The sand dune around the lake in the vast desert is ups and downs, giving tourists a grand sight. Every year, in March, April and September, there are a lot of swans resting here.

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