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Peak Flown from Afar


Lingxi South Road, Xihu Distict, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

Reasons to visit

A famous Buddhist hill by West Lake in Hangzhou

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Opening Hours

  • 7:30am - 17:30pm

Peak Flown from Afar, also known as Fei Lai Feng Chinese in Hangzhou, is famous for its beautiful scenery and stone carvings that are comparable with Dazu Stone Carving in Sichuan area. The name of this peak comes from a legend. It is that an Indian monk named Huili arrived in the valley 1,600 years ago and was surprised to see a peak so dissimilar from any other in the valley. He thought that the peak was flown over from India because the shape, although unique in China, was common in India.

Laying in the southwest of Hangzhou city and being a part of West Lake Scenic Area, the peak is 209 meters (about 700 feet) tall and is actually a pure lime stone that is very distinctive from any other lime-stone mountains which are around the peak, because large stones scattered along the peak are said to resemble animals like a flying dragon, a running elephant, a crouching tiger, and a running monkey. And the color of the stones is also attractive, green touched with purple, shining and slippery to the full tastes of visitors.

In the caves and cliffs of peak, there are also more than 470 Buddhist stone statuses dating from Five Dynasties Period (907A.D. - 960A.D.) to Yuan Dynasty. Among all these carvings, the biggest one is Laughing Buddha with Big Belly carved during the Southern Song Dynasty. It is the earliest statue of Buddha with Big Belly in China. It is sited on a cliff along the brook, laughing since the North Song Dynasty (960-1127). There is also a carving of King Da Li Ming with three heads, eight arms and stripping to the waist, with colorful crown on his head and a pearl and jade necklace hanging on the neck, very impressive.

While sightseeing on the Peak Flown From Afar, the experience is one that combines a climbing, trekking, and walking sightseeing adventure. For Buddhist devotees, the tour is also a spiritual pilgrimage set against the backdrop of Hangzhou’s attractive natural beauty. The Peak Flown From Afar is right next to the Lingyin Temple, which is a famous Buddhist temple around this area, so after exploring the limestone hill, you can also visit the temple.

How to get to Peak Flown from Afar

It is easily reached by taxi with only 15 minutes’ ride from West Lake. Or you can take public bus K7, Y1 or Y2.

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