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Jianshui County


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Jianshui County Travel Guide
At the north bank of the Red River, 214 km away from Kunming (about 4 hrs driving) in south Yunnan Province
 - Historical county with ancient Chinese architectures such as temples, bridges and garden
 - Confucius Cultural Festival on September 28 each year
 - Key scenic area in Chin (1988)
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The whole day
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Belongs to subtropical climate, it is suitable to visit in spring, autumn and winter, while summer is hot.  
Jianshui County, originally named Linan, used to be the political, cultural and transportation center since Yuan Dynasty. It is located at the north bank of the Red River in south Yunnan Province, 214 km away from Kunming, covering an area of 3789 square km. In this land lived Han, Yi, Hui, Hani, Dai, Miao and other ethnic groups and the total population is 510,000 with 33% of it are ethnic people. In 1988, Jianshui was listed to be one of the famous historic and cultural cities and key scenic areas in China.
Brief History
Jianshui was also known as Butou in ancient time, which means the south end of China. In Tang Dynasty, around about 810, Huili City was built here. During Ming and Qing Dynasty, it is the location of Linan government office. With a history of more than 1200, Jianshui was the political, military, economical, cultural center of south Yunnan since Yuan Dynasty.
What to See in Jianshui County
Wells: Jianshui’s water is very famous. Its old name Huli, means the sea. Now, we can not see the sea here, but ancestors dug many wells in the city. The most loved well by Jianshui People is the Ximen Daban Well and its Li Quan water. It is located at the west end of Liyuan Street out of Xicheng. The water in this well is clear and sweet and is reputed as the first sweet water in Jianshui.
Zhujia Garden: Zhujia Garden is located in Jianxin Street in Jianshui Couty, covering an area of more than 20,000 square meters with 5000 square meters’ architectural area. The main building could divide into Residential area and ancestral temple. The residential building is typical Jianshui style. There are 42 wells in total. Jiangshui alleys in Jianshui Ancient Town are tortuous with slates.
Confucius Temple: Jianshui Confucius Temple imitated the style and design of Qufu Confucius Temple in north-south central axis symmetrical palatial style. The main buildings including: one pond, one altar, one garden, two temples, two side rooms, three halls, three cabinets, 4 doors, 5 pavilions, 6 ancestral temples and all together 37 buildings.
Bridges: There are lots of bridges in the ancient county such as the Seventeen-Arch Bridge, Fairy Bridge, XianYuan Bridge, and Natural Bridge.
In Jan. 10, 1994, Jianshui Scenic Area was approved by the State Council and listed in third batch of State-level Scenic Spots List
Confucius Cultural Festival

On September 28, 2005, which is the 2556 birthday of Confucius, UNESCO launched the world first unit activity in memory of Confucius. CCTV and Shandong Provincial Government decided to jointly hold the activity, and Jianshui was one of the live points. Since then, Jianshui committee and Jianshui People's Government set Jianshui Confucius Cultural Festival on September 28.

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