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Hotan - Multicolored Stone Bay

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Located 220 km from Fuyun County in the Gobi Desert, about 220 kilometers from Fuyun County of Xinjiang Province, Multi Colored Bay is famous for its imposing views as well as natural treasure, which stores large amount of oil, gold and precious stones that amount to 20 mineral products.
Multicolored Bay, a typical Yardan land form, is composed of dozens of colorful hills and odd rocks. It not only has impressive views, but is also a natural treasure, which contains large reserves of oil, gold and precious stones. Multi Colored Bay is composed of dozens of colorful hills Multi Colored Bay is a great piece work by nature, its oddness, mystery and magnificence is very impressive. Odd rocks can be found everywhere here.

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(Destination: Urumqi-Turpan-Korla-Minfeng-Hotan-Kashgar-Urumqi)

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