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Mt. Wuzhi, Five Fingers Mountain, the highest mountain in Hainan
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Mt. Wuzhi (Five Fingers) National Reserve

The Mt. Wuzhi (Five Fingers Mountain) is one of the symbols in Hainan Island. Located at the center of this beautiful place, Mt. Wuzhi (Five Fingers Mountain) National Reserve, which takes Mt. Wuzhi as the main scenic spot, enjoys an international fame for few decades.
As the highest mountain in Hannan Island, the peaks are waving like saw-tooth and the shape is like five fingers, this is how the Wuzhi Mountain (Five Fingers Mountain in Chinese) got its name. Meanwhile Mt. Wuzhi is also the kingdom of precious animals and birds, there are various animals such as reptiles, birds and animals. When visitors travel Mt. Wuzhi, you will see animals come out to look for food or play with each other now and then.
When climb up along the mountain roads, the cloud and mist make this mountain as a fairyland. This is one of the features of the Mt. Wuzhi. If you climb to the top of the Mt. Wuzhi, the cloud and mist is much thicker as if you were in the space. Looking down, you can see the green waves are all under your eyes and water is connected with the sky. These are all too beautiful to be absorbed all at once.
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