Dragon King Cave

Dragon King Cave is located one the east direction of Wulingyuan Scenic Area with a 10-km distance. It is the code scenic spot of Zhangjiajie Scenic Area. With its unique scenes, Dragon King Cave is reputed as "the most featuring karst cave in the world". Ranking as the oldest and largest karst cave, it is a potential tourism spot for people to exploring.
The totally length of this cave is about 30km. With an average height of 50 meter and width of 80 meters, there are 58 halls, 28 stone corridors, 15 pearl waterfalls, 3 underground rivers, 2 lakes and 45 pools. Tourists who are walking around these fantastic sites will feel the magic power of the nature.
Since the original time Cave, because of the shortage of investment, this cave is still in a original stage as a tourist attraction. In order to make this cave as a namecard of Zhangjiajie, Bailong Travel Zhangjiajie Group planned to develop this scenic spot since 2003 August. With the rapid development till now, Dragon King Cave has turned into a modern attraction integrating working, shopping, dining and entertaining together.
♦ Dragon King Pool
There is a pool called "Dragon King Pool" near the Dragon King Cave, about 87 meter away. With an area about 400 square meters, it is surrounded by cliffs in all directions. The depth of this pool is still a mystery. The musty pool in the morning and the dusk, people can see the swimming fish and wild ducks. According to experts' studies, Dragon King Pool is not only a pool for appreciating but also a material for researching astronomy.
♦ Transportation
From Zhangjiajie bus station, take a bus to Suoxiyu and get off at the Wulingyuan Town. Then take a motorbike to get there.
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