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Basha Miao Village


Congjiang Prefecture, Guizhou Province.

Reasons to visit

Village with strong Miao ethnic characteristic.

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  • All day.

Basha Miao Village (Chinese name: 岜沙苗寨) is 7 kilometers from Congjiang County, and the most ancient Miao village keeping the vast majority of its original character.


The custom of drinking a bowl of mandatory rice wine has been remained among Miao villages. One of the distinguishing features of Miao’s culture is that they pass down their history by embroidery for there is no available written language. The Miao woman, known for her fine embroidery skill, begins to make her ceremonial clothing since she has fully learnt the art. Lusheng, a kind of Chinese wind instrument, is highly developed by Miao. The other unique feature of Basha people is that they are allowed to carry guns. It is the only such kind of tribe in China.

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