Baoguo Temple

Baoguo Temple is located in Mt. Emei Scenic Area as the No.1 Buddhist temple in this attraction. Among the countless temples in Emei Mount, Baoguo Temple is the entrance of it. It is the start of Mount Emei as an important passageway that you must pass when climbing up to the Emei Mountain. The quiet environment and the dense religious atmosphere make it as a charming site for tourists to get touch with the Chinese Buddhism.

Facing the east, Baoguo Temple awaits the arrival of the rising sun in the morning and sends off the setting sun in the dusk. In front of the temple gate there is a pair of stone lions carved in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). They are lively, grand and mighty, like door guards protecting the temple as well as the Mt. Emei. A large engraved stone slab hangs above the gate with the name of the temple on it which was written by the Emperor Kangxi (1654-1722) of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

There is the Maitreya Hall; the Great Buddha Hall, the Seven Buddha Hall, the depositary of Buddhist texts and so on. The temple and the hall were built against the mountain terrain, divided into four layers and one layer is higher than another is, it appeared magnificent and grand. There is a "Phoenix Ground" as the shield behind the temple, is not far from the foot of the mountain. The Buddha statues are magnificent with golden light, it add the magnificent looks to the temple.

What to see in Baoguo Temple
With many historical relics in the temple, while visiting the Bao Guo Temple, you can appreciate these historical relics at the same time such as famous colorful glaze porcelain Buddha. Built in 1415, with 24 meters high, the Buddha is sitting straight on the lotus form leaves, wearing lotus clothes with a thousand Buddha, the proportion is symmetric, and it looks very exquisite.

There are display rooms of historical relics, painting and calligraphy, specimen of creature, motor-driven scenery areas with modern equipment detailed introducing the traffic routes when visiting the Mount Emei and so forth.

♦ Travel Tips
1. Keep quiet when doing sightseeing in Baoguo Temple
2. Pay attention that some halls in this temple are not allowed
3. During the winter, lower temperature may cause tourists unsatisfied, so it is better to accommodate in the well-equipped hotels rather than in the temple.
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