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A-Ma Temple


Barra Square, Rua de Sao Tiago de Barra and Calcada da Barra, Macau, China.

Reasons to visit

The oldest temple in Macau.

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Opening Hours

  • 7:00a.m. - 6:00p.m.
A-Ma Temple or Mazu Temple is one of the oldest religious temples in Macau. The temple is located in the southeast of Macau Peninsula. It have a history of over 500-year, which can be dated back to 1488, even before the city of Macau came into being. In ancient times, people believed that Mazu was the “Goddess of the Sea” and the “Protector of Fishermen”, so they built this solemn temple to show their devout. This construction been made of 4 main parts: the Gate Pavilion, the Memorial Arch, the Prayer Hall, the Hall of Benevolence, the Hall of Guanyin, and Zhengjiao Chanlin (a Buddhist pavilion). The variety of pavilions dedicated to the worship of different deities in a single complex make A-Ma Temple an exemplary representation of Chinese culture inspired by Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, and multiple folk beliefs. The temple has been listed in the World Heritage records in 2005, together with the Historic Centre of Macau.

But sometimes this area is not only for the Temple Visit but you can go near/beside the temple. A-Ma Temple is close to Macau Maritime Museum, you can pay a visit to the museum if time allows. There are so many surrounding shops selling the local snacks of Macau. In front of the temple there are also some drink sellers and some Ice Cream Seller. It wouldn’t be bad idea to buy a drink or ice cream when you get there. In addition, this area there are many gift shops, visitors can come to walk around and buy some back as a gift for your friends or families.

Travel Guide

【Chinese name】: 妈阁庙
【Recommended time to visit】: around 1 hour
【How to get there】: you may take Public Bus 1, 2, 5, 6B, 7, 10, 10A, 11, 18, 21A, 26, 28B, 55, MT4, N3 to get there.

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