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Pay a Home Visit at Long Tang Lane in Shanghai

Paying a home visit at Long Tang Lane(which is a traditional architecture style in Shanghai) is the best way to get to know the daily life of local residents in Shanghai. TopChinaTravel can arrange this kind of short tour for visitors, except for the normal visit to popular attractions in Shanghai. You may find the details as follow.

Long Tang Lane

Location: in a local resident at Long Tang Lane in Shanghai
Time duration: the time is flexible, but usually lasts for about 2 hours.

Long Tang Lane in Shanghai is quite simple. The general arrangement would be like this:
Firstly, you will be transferred and accompanied by tour guide to visit the resident of a local family. Have a simple chat with the owner of the house by the translation of the tour guide. Fruits and biscuit would be offered. You can learn some simple local language of Shanghai. Then you will be accompanied to have a stroll around the community. Having a meal in local resident is available. You can go with the home owner to a nearby wet market to buy food. Then the home owner will cook for you. If you are interested in learning how to cook Chinese food, the home owner can teach you to cook some simple dishes, including making dumplings.

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